Large meteor illuminates the Norwegian sky

Helsinki — According to Norwegian experts, unusually large meteorites were visible in most of southern Scandinavia, illuminating southeastern Norway with a powerful flash of light for a few seconds. Since then, many observers have reportedly heard a roar.

The Norwegian meteor network said it analyzed and reviewed several videos of Sunday’s event, after the meteor first appeared about 90 km (55 miles) north of the capital Oslo and continued its trajectory southwest. Of the light that said it was fragmented by a flash of light.

“The meteorite appeared at 1:08 am on the night of July 25 and was visible for about five seconds,” said the network that posted a video on the Twitter site about the phenomenon.

In Norway, it is not uncommon to see meteors, the rocks of the universe that burn brightly after entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The Norwegian meteor network has a large number of cameras that continuously monitor the sky.

Meteorites that survive the passage to the ground are known as meteorites.

According to the Norwegian meteorite network, preliminary data suggest that a meteorite may have hit Earth in a large forest area of ​​Finnemarka, not far from Oslo.