Large-scale mail voting in federal elections can encourage fraudulent voting: Independents

Large-scale mail voting could open the door to tampering and fraudulent elections, and recently a federal bill containing this option as one way to make voting more secure during a pandemic Independent MP Derek Sloan, who voted against, said.

“We usually use [mail-in] There is no problem with ballots for foreigners, foreigners, the military, etc. But when it happens on a large scale in Canada, I think it’s open to the possibility of fraud and manipulation, “Sloan told The Epoch Times.

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Independent MP Derek Sloan will stand up during the questioning period at the House of Commons in Ottawa on February 5, 2021. (Adrian Wild / Canadian Press)

Sloan was the only vote against the second reading of Bill C-19, which was passed in principle on May 11 with the approval of all parties.

The bill aims to provide temporary rules for the Canadian Election Commission to conduct elections safely in the event of an election during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Sloan said his main concern with Bill C-19 was the mail-voting option, which allows people to vote extensively by mail. In a testimony prior to the PROC on October 22, 2020, Chief Election Commissioner Stephen Perot said the investigation showed that: About 4 to 5 million Voters vote by mail.

“I’m concerned about security and the potential for fraud if the wrong person receives it, which means that most people just mail the ballots they receive,” Sloan said. He added that listings and voter identification are important.

“I don’t know what the Canadian Election Commission will do to ensure. [election integrity]— If all they’re trying to do is mail a ballot to a voter list address, that’s a problem. “

Sloan quoted his personal experience of receiving a voter information card at home and addressed to someone who once lived there.

When the federal government adopts mail voting in the next election, he says: “To ensure that people have to provide information about the mail ballot itself, we need some kind of rigorous mechanism that is very difficult to forge. If you are not that person.”

In House of Commons on May 10Liberal Party lawmaker Julie Dozerowitz said Bill C-19 will allow Canadians to register online and vote by mail using their driver’s license.

“Voting is easier by allowing voters to register to vote by mail using an ID number, such as a driver’s license number, rather than a complete copy of their ID,” she said. Told.

“If Canadians went to a pandemic poll, more would want to vote by mail.”

Kent: Interim report “pre-input” by C-19

Bill C-19 was introduced on December 10, 2020, with Intergovernmental Minister Dominique Le Blanc told House on May 10th The government submitted a legislation because “we thought it was important for Congress to have the opportunity to consider it during the Christmas holidays.”

But PROC was already working on this issue After October 22, 2020Following the report submitted by, Perot at the beginning of the month We urge parliamentarians to study and adopt a new interim law so that the Canadian Election Commission can safely hold elections in the event of an election during a pandemic.

Peter Kent, a member of the conservative MP and PROC, said the Commission was within a few days of issuing the interim report, but “ignoring the proposal for a thorough investigation, Bill C-19. It was superseded by … Before that, the Bill C-19 would have been improved. It was put on the table. “

“The Liberal Party had a clear intention to rush the legislation through Congress, as it has dealt with many other flawed legislations since the beginning of the pandemic.” He said on May 10th.

Bill C-19 was passed the day after the NDP cut short discussions on the bill in support of a minority Liberal government, leading to charges of collusion by the Conservatives and Congressman Bloc Québékova.

“The Liberal Party decided to submit a bill and completely ignored the following democratic system: [PROC] Committee. Now they are forced to shut down with the help of NDP, the usual accomplice to this type of tactic, “said Blockhouse Leader Allantellien, who is also PROC’s Vice Chairman.

On behalf of the Liberal Party, Mr Leblanc said the government would like to take temporary steps in case an election takes place to ensure that Canada is ready for the election during a pandemic. It was.

“The proposed amendment to the Canadian Election Law was submitted to Congress a few months ago,” he said.

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