Larry David is reportedly excited to not be invited by Barack Obama’s birthday party.


Rally David.

Rally David. David McNew / Getty Images

Former President Barack Obama reportedly has comedians Cut From the guest list of Mr. Obama’s somewhat controversial 60th birthday party last week on Martha’s Vineyard.

David’s apparent uplifting feeling of not being invited was initially afraid that he would be expected to perform at a final reduced event due to concerns about a variant of the delta coronavirus. It seemed to be happening.on mail New York Times‘Maurine Dowd, David Said After Mr. Obama’s assistant called him with an invitation, he had a hard time coming up with a stand-up routine. “I was in a bad mood when I finally recalled his assistant,” David said. Said Daud.

But then things get better for the creators of Seinfeld next door When Suppress your enthusiasm..

“When he told me he was 86 years old from the party, I was very relieved and shouted,” Thank you! Thank you! “He must have been when I was crazy. ” Said.. “Then I hung up, poured a drink on myself, and completed the crossword puzzle.” New York Times..

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