Larry Elder claims that slave owners are “obliged to pay compensation” while performing at the Candace Owens show


Black conservative radio hosts argued that slavery was legal and slave owners were worthy of compensation

Conservative radio host and politician Larry Elder During his appearance at Prager University’s “The Candace Owens Show” on July 18, he said there could be debate in favor of compensation for slave owners whose legal “property” was stolen after the Civil War.

Westminster, CA – September 4: Republican Recall Candidate Larry Elder Addresses “Asia Rally for Jesus Recall” at Asian Garden Mall in Westminster, CA on September 4, 2021 increase. The organizers of the conservative talk show are the leading Republican candidates for the competition to overthrow the governor in the special recall elections on September 14, this year, ahead of next year’s regular governor vote. Westminster is known primarily for its Vietnamese population. (Photo by David McNew / Getty Images)

The 69-year-old elder talked with Owens, the organizer and writer of the conservative talk show, to discuss the current state of racial relations and why the black community “plays victim cards.” insider..

In conversation, both black elders and Owens are generally advocated by a group of black activists as a way to mitigate the economic impact of slavery by transferring federal funds and other resources to the American black community. I touched on the topic of reparations that have been made. ..

But the elder argued that the enslaved individuals were legally considered “property” at the time. He said slave owners and their property are liable for personal property lost after the end of the Civil War and the passage of the Article 13 amendment, which partially abolished slavery after 1865.

“When people talk about reparations, do they really want to have that conversation? Slavery was legal, whether they liked it or not,” the elder said. “Since their legal property was robbed of them after the Civil War, it can be argued that the people who should pay compensation are not only blacks, but also those whose” property “was robbed after the end of the Civil War. increase. war. “

The conversation began when Owens, known for spreading using the platform, spread. False alarm, The United States erroneously stated that it was “one of the first countries to ban the slave trade.”

According to the United States was actually the last one to do so Politifact..

In response, the elder said the British government “compensated the slave owners” for “a significant amount” after the “slave owners” lost their “property.” The elder argued that this was the main reason Britain never fought a battle like the American Civil War.

Around British Slavery Heritage Research CenterFormer slave owners received £ 20 million in compensation from the British Slave Compensation Commission after the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act was passed in the United Kingdom.

“Looking at the amount adjusted for today’s dollar, it’s a huge amount of money that former slave owners got, and that’s one of the reasons they didn’t fight the war,” the elder speculates and verifies. Claims that did not provide further proof to.

An elder in the middle of a campaign to replace the Governor of California. Gavin Newsom The state’s call election has recently been in the news after being accused by a former fiancé. Alexandra Datig A person who claimed that the elder abused her with words and emotions.

August, Datig Politico In 2015, the elder took out a .45 pistol from a bedroom nightstand in the act of “contempt for silence” and “anger” while the two claimed.

Datig called it “Phil Spector Pointing to the infamous record producer who shot and killed his girlfriend, Lana Carson, 2003. “At the same time, I was so fearless that I grew up around the gun, so I didn’t take it seriously,” she added.

The elder issued a statement denying cheating, as published by Los Angeles Times And on social media.

“I have never swung a gun to anyone,” he tweeted. “I grew up in South Central. I know exactly how destructive this kind of behavior is. It’s not me, and everyone who knows me isn’t me. I know. These are vicious claims. “

Griot Viva Adams Contributed to this report..

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