Larry Elder cuts a short Venetian homeless camp tour after a hostile conflict

Venice, CA September 8, 2021: A homeless man swings to the staff of Republican Governor candidate Larry Elder during a tour in Venice on Wednesday.  (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

During a tour in Venice on Wednesday, a homeless man swings to the staff of Republican Governor candidate Larry Elder. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

The planned tour of Larry Elder, a homeless camp in Venice, ended shortly after it began Wednesday morning.

The elder, who arrived at the new “Recall Express” campaign bus shortly after voting at a polling place in town, accelerated his departure with what looked like an egg thrown in the direction of the candidate and spent about 12 minutes in the neighborhood. .. And a physical attack on his staff.

“It glanced at his head,” the elder campaign staff said of the object.

A woman wearing a gorilla mask on a bicycle threw a small white object over the elder’s head. Video posted on Twitter According to Spectrum News reporter Kate Kagle.Females look white, elders are black, ape characteristics Has been used as a racist metaphor For centuries.

After a while, the woman swung towards a man who appeared to be part of a team of elders. The man was attacked by at least one other heckler shortly before the elder was taken to the SUV.

“Today I started the Recall Express Bus Tour,” said the elder. Tweet on Wednesday night.. “Before we left Los Angeles, my security details were physically attacked, shot with pellet guns, and shot with projectiles. The intolerant left doesn’t stop us. Gavin. I remember Newsom. We save California. “

The elders’ visit to Venice began fortunately, with Gold Gym patrons gathering outside the black and red campaign buses to cheer on the candidates as they descended.

“Maybe I’ll try a little training, but I really want to see him,” he said, sipping a green smoothie on a “fitness outlaw” tank top as his cell phone was pulled up across the bus. Excitedly said. Street from the gym. He said the people who went to the gym were fans of “everything the rally represents.”

Larry Elder is accompanied by a guard.

Republican governor candidate Larry Elder will be accompanied by security guards as several homeless people shout during a tour in Venice on Wednesday. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

A few minutes later, the heckler began when Soledad Ursua and Chie Lung, members of the Public Health and Safety Committee of the Venice Neighborhood Council, walked the elders along Sunset Avenue.

Community supporters took fellow candidate Caitlyn Jenner On a similar tour Earlier this summer, when one man continued, but did not substantially interrupt the tour.

As the group headed to Third Avenue, which was filled with camps, the confrontation with the elders became hot, and a few people went around the group, yelling blasphemous words to the elders, saying, “Escape hell from here. Shouted.

“He doesn’t work here,” said Saraduke, a homeless woman who lives in a nearby camp three and a half months pregnant, shortly before the elder’s sudden departure. “If you’re not going to help us, go ahead …”

That afternoon, at a campaign stop at Brentsdeli in North Ridge, Elder received a much warmer reception, with patrons applauding, cheering and filming as Elder roamed the restaurant booth.

Candidates spent about five minutes at the restaurant before returning on the campaign bus. According to the deli cashier, the candidate and his aides left North Ridge with a pile of paper plates and a takeaway order for 8-10 Reuben sandwiches.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..