Larry Elder’s website accused loss in fraudulent elections prior to California’s recall


Larry Elder.

Larry Elder. Frederick J. Brown / AFP via Getty Images

California’s recall isn’t until Tuesday, but Republican candidate Larry Elder-sponsored website has already asked voters to investigate “the twisted consequences of Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall in 2021.” You are asked to sign a petition that “requests” you to do so.

The website, called Stop CA Fraud, states that it has been paid by the Larry Elder Ballot Measurement Committee Recall Newsam Committee, which has received a large amount of money from the elders for the 2021 Governor. The thief steals at midnight and tricks our ballot. ” This means that people “can no longer rely on their content.”

“Statistical analysis used to detect fraud in elections in Third World countries (Russia, Venezuela, Iran, etc.) detected fraud in California and Governor Gavin Newsom returns to governor. I did. ” In addition to signing the petition, visitors to the website can donate to the elder’s recall activities.

NBC News Report The site was registered anonymously in August, and after being contacted by the Elders Campaign on Monday afternoon, a disclaimer was displayed revealing who is funding the site. In a statement, Elder Inmar’s spokeswoman said, “We all need to worry about the integrity of the election and hope that all appropriate votes will be counted. They provided links to external websites that provided a means of documenting fraud. They meet in this election. “She added that the campaign believed that the campaign would” win the election day. “

The elder is the organizer of a conservative radio talk show and a major Republican candidate for recall activities. During an interview with NBC News on Monday, he was asked if he would accept the results of the election on Tuesday. “Let’s all work together to see if tomorrow’s elections are fair,” the elder replied. Newsom has a double-digit lead in a recent poll, suggesting that the recall effort will fail.

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