Larry Nassar spent $ 10,000 on himself in prison, but paid only $ 300 to the victims


Former Olympic team doctor Larry Nassar spent more than $ 10,000 on himself While in jail By paying the victim $ 300 in compensation for criminal sexual activity and submitting it to court on Wednesday Washington post..

News promotion: Since being imprisoned in 2018, Nasser has received a total of $ 12,825 in deposits in his prison bank account. This includes two pandemic stimulus checks totaling $ 2,000. The post reported that he paid the victims a fine of about $ 100 a year for court orders.

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  • Prison accounts run by the government of Nasar are intended to cover: Commissioner’s item And phone and email costs.

  • The disgraceful former doctor has spent about $ 10,000 since he was imprisoned, and according to court filings, about $ 2,000 remains in his account, Wash Post said.

  • “Nasar paid a criminal fine of about $ 8.33 per month, despite receiving a total of $ 12,825.00 in deposits during this period,” the court said.

Pay attention to: On Wednesday, a prosecutor asked a federal judge to hand over the remaining money in his account to pay compensation to five child victims in possession of his child pornography. According to AP..

  • AP reports that Nassar is obliged to pay approximately $ 57,000 in court-ordered damages and $ 5,000 in special valuation debt.

Important reason: The case highlights a mysterious program at the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Last month’s Wash Post..

  • According to Washpost, the money in these accounts is “protected from court orders such as child support, dependents and other debts and is not subject to the same scrutiny as accounts owned by non-detained citizens. “.

What they are saying: John Manley, a lawyer for many of Nasar’s victims, Including Simone Biles“They allow the worst child predators in American history to spend thousands of dollars on themselves and pay his victims $ 8 a month. “

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