Last week, Mr. Trump called Wisconsin’s chief election officer to urge him to revoke Biden’s 2020 election victory in the state.


Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump.Joe Maiorana / AP Photo

  • Wisconsin chairman said Mr. Trump urged Mr. Biden to revoke his victory authorization earlier this month.

  • Robin Foss said WISN-TV12 News The Trump raised this topic after the State Supreme Court ruled the ballot box.

  • When Vos refused, Trump used social media to blame the election keeper.

Donald Trump is once again working on his old trick.

Earlier this month, and more than a year and a half after the former president lost to President Joe Biden’s 2020 election, Trump called Wisconsin Speaker Robin Foss to revoke his recognition of Biden’s victory in the state. Said Voss. Interview on Tuesday.

Wisconsin election officials said WISN-TV12 News In Milwaukee, Trump took up this topic after the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Earlier this month, he dominated the illegal state absentee ballot dropbox.

“It’s very consistent. He makes his claim that I admire,” Vos told the press. “He wants us to do something different in Wisconsin. I explained that it is not allowed under the Constitution.”

“He has a different opinion,” Vos added.

Clear phone news is in the midst of several hearings from the January 6 panel investigating Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 elections.

Following Voss’ refusal, Trump took him to Truth Social to air his dissatisfaction with politicians.

“It looks like Robin Vos, a longtime professional RINO who has always tried to protect his side, but will do nothing about the surprising ruling of the Wisconsin Supreme Court,” said the former president, “only the Republican name.” Written using the critical term for. “”

“Democrats want to thank Robin and all of his fellow RINOs for avoiding the murder,” he continued.

Vos explained to WISN-TV that the July 10 Supreme Court ruling on ballot drop boxes only affected advancing legislation and could not be applied retroactively to previous elections. Vos voiced In support of this decision, we called the drop box “illegal.”

Playing cards Responded In an interview on Tuesday evening, I urged Vos to act again.

“So, in a Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling, did Chair Robin Vos declare that hundreds of thousands of dropbox votes are illegal?” He wrote. “This is not the time for him to hide, but the time for him to act!”

Biden defeated Trump in Wisconsin with less than 21,000 votes.

In 2021, Trump accused Vos of “working hard to hide election corruption” after refusing to conduct a court audit of the state’s 2020 election results. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.

Finally Vos I started Survey of the 2020 elections in his state.

Voss himself Forged an election conspiracy WisPolitics reported falsely claiming that fraudulent voting in his state affected the 2020 elections.

Neither Voss nor Trump’s spokesman immediately responded to insider requests for comment.

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