Last year, a 13-year-old driver’s family “lost everything” in a Texas crash, says the minister.

A 13-year-old family driving a pickup truck in Texas crash that killed 9 peopleAccording to a local minister, he “lost everything” in a fire at the end of last year, including a golfer at a university in New Mexico.

The unidentified boy died in a Tuesday night clash with his father, Henrich Siemens, a 38-year-old truck passenger.

Pastor Seminole of the Mennonite Gospel Church told NBC News on Friday that Siemens was the boy’s father.

Fail knew that Siemens was growing. The funeral of her father and son takes place at the Mennonite Evangelical Church Seminole, even if attending the South Seminole Baptist Church. There is more space in the Sanctuary of Fail.

According to Mr. Fer, the Siemens house was burned down at the end of last year. “The whole house was burned down and they lost everything in the house,” he added, adding that the 13-year-old had a brother.

Details of the fire and its cause were not available on Friday.

Henrich’s wife, Agatha Siemens, posted on Facebook in December asking for help in retrieving photos from a computer damaged by a fire.

“My laptop was in the house during the fire, but I didn’t get burned. It just damaged the water. I’m afraid to turn it on and charge it, but I have it. Don’t lose them because you want to transfer all the photos you have to a flash drive. Does anyone know? “She asked.

On Wednesday, she posted a family collage. She said, “in my beloved memory.” Her profile picture, often referred to as “I love her husband,” has been changed to a picture of her couple. She said “love of my life,” “my best friend,” and “I love you very much,” the text of the photo said.

The 13-year-old truck was fitted with a spare tire instead of the left front tire.Bruce Landsburg, Vice Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said Thursday.

The spare tire seemed to be out of order, and on Tuesday night the truck bent in front of a van carrying members of a male and female golf team at the University of Southwest, New Mexico.

Six students and their coach died in a crash.. The two students were taken to Lubbock Hospital in critical condition and were stable as of Thursday.

The funeral of Henrich Siemens and his son is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, Fer said. It is moderated by Rev. Richard “Buckwheat” of the South Seminole Baptist Church.