Last year, one in five Australian workers changed jobs

According to a survey, one in five Australians changed jobs during the last year and nearly a quarter are considering quitting.

More than one in three people considering changing jobs said that the COVID-19 pandemic was a major factor in their decision.

Julie Linsky, National Executive, said: Bank of Australia (NAB).

“Many Australians looking to change jobs are looking for a new start, and three in ten are planning to change jobs in the industry.”

The highest number of people who changed jobs in the past year were unskilled workers (37%), workers (29%), and other IT and technology workers (28%). Lack of personal fulfillment was the number one reason for retirement, according to 30%, who stated that their current profession lacked purpose and meaning.

Others are more due to lack of career growth (29%), the impact of their current work on mental health (29%), lack of wages and allowances (27%), and burnout (22%). I was looking for an eco-friendly meadow.

According to a NAB study, pandemics have changed the expectations of Australian workers, and companies need to work hard to retain their staff.

“But the good news is that small businesses can do absolutely to keep good people, especially because wages aren’t always at the top of the list of employees,” Lin said. Ski said.

“We see so many companies becoming creative about how to provide a sense of purpose at work and a clear career path to ensure long-term team involvement. I am. “

Chris Sikruna, owner of many Melbourne grocery stores, said investing in existing staff is the key to maintaining talent.

“As a small business, we can be creative about how to reward our teams, such as brainstorming, time-outs to celebrate together, and giving people the flexibility to work. I came up with a great idea, “says Scicluna.

“The most successful activity to date has been to close the store for the day and provide a relaxing holiday for everyone. The feedback from customers, as well as the team behind this initiative, was overwhelming.”

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