Laura Ingraham applauded at the celebration while General Milly, a Trump fan hater, reported being infected with COVID-19.


Fox News’ Laura Ingraham applauds when General Mark Milley reports COVID positive.Fox news

  • Fox News’ Laura Ingraham appeared to be delighted when he reported on General Mark Milley’s COVID diagnosis.

  • Millie has long been a hatred for Trump supporters.

  • Ingraham talked about Millie’s case in the section of her show where she pushes false information about the vaccine.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham applauded at the celebration when General Mark Milley, the highest-ranking U.S. military officer, reported testing for a positive COVID test.

Ingraham talked about the news of Millie’s diagnosis on Monday night in “Positively Boosted,” a regular segment of her show when she introduced a vaccinated public figure to catch COVID-19.

“Okay, triple-bucked Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley-our favorite Mark Milley!-Was positive against Covid yesterday,” Ingraham said with applause.

“And who else? General David Berger, commander of the Marine Corps, also actively supported.”

The graphics aired throughout the segment show that Millie suffers only from mild symptoms.His test positive was announced By a spokesman on Sunday, Millie said she would be isolated.

Public health authorities and experts It is clear that the highly contagious Omicron mutants, which are currently proliferating in the United States and other countries, can infect vaccinated people.

Although it can prevent illness to some extent, vaccination is primarily effective in preventing serious illness and viral death.

Ingraham has long been accused of pushing the claim at her show, which was designed to undermine confidence in the COVID vaccine.

Millie has become a hatred for some Donald Trump supporters in the light of reports that he acted to thwart what he thought was a Trump coup in the last few weeks of his presidency. rice field.

The action is Explained in Bob Woodward’s recent book “Rage” He said he thought Milly was unstable enough to start a nuclear war after losing the 2020 elections.

In a parliamentary testimony last June, Millie defended the teachings of critical race theory in the military. This is a problem that has infuriated some conservatives. Millie has become a frequent target of Trump’s contempt at his rally.

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