Laura Ingraham gives Trump some campaign advice he absolutely doesn’t like


fox news host Laura Ingraham I have a tip for former presidents donald trump2024 presidential election.

What is her best suggestion? “Let’s stop talking about 2020”

“Now, if I were Trump and I was running his campaign, I would urge him to stop talking about 2020.” sufficient. In any state that needs to win in 2024, marinating old allegations of election fraud won’t get you a single voter.”

Another piece of advice she offered was, “Don’t talk about yourself, talk more about Americans.”

Her other suggestions include explaining how to rebuild the economy, surround yourself with serious advisors, “against the Democrats, not the media,” and “ditch nicknames and petty personal stuff.”

Spent the better part of seven years bombarding the media, giving political rivals and critics vulgar nicknames, spent more than two years ranting about the 2020 election, and spent a lifetime talking about himself, so Trump advises. seems very unlikely to be accepted.