Laura Ingraham ‘has no clue’ why veterans’ group hoaxed fox attack


fox news

fox news

Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who provided a “minor update” on Friday night, admitted that stories of homeless veterans being displaced by immigrants are a hoax, explaining why the group is on its own network. He added that he had made up the story, “I have no idea.” days of anger.

A week later, new york post The sensational story of 20 “struggling homeless veterans” being kicked out of an upstate New York hotel to make room for asylum-seeking immigrants has completely fallen apart. in fact, Sharon Tony Finch, CEO of a veterans advocacy groupseems to have made up an outrageous story, apparently men were also recruited Interview the media by pretending to be a veteran displaced from a homeless shelter.

of course, When Fraud Is Discovered, the right-wing media went wild with the story. Dozens of Fox News-led shows ranting about Democrats prioritizing the needs of “illegal immigrants” over the welfare of “those who have served our country and need a little help” bottom.Ingraham, known for her anti-immigrant rhetoriccontributed to the spearheading of the assault.

“I know what the intention was,” Ingraham gushed Tuesday night. “Second class citizens are veterans. [are] Non-citizens, asylum seekers who fraudulently entered the United States. “

But on Friday, Republican lawmakers who initially backed Tony Finch’s allegations changed course and accused her, claiming they were “devastated and disheartened” to learn she fabricated the whole thing. It’s time to get a little pissed off. The New York Attorney General is currently investigating whether there were any violations of law by Tony Finch and him. more questions swirl Regarding other allegations she made about her military service.

Ingraham appeared on the primetime show after Fox News aired a “breaking news” that it was “currently investigating” reports that Tony Finch had “misled lawmakers and the press.” published his own minor corrections.

“But before that, a little update on this week’s story of a homeless veteran being evicted from a hotel for an illegal immigrant,” she said before entering a commercial break. said.

“It turns out that the group behind the allegations made it up,” Ingraham added. “I don’t know why someone would do something like that, but I’ll let you know if I have any updates.”

under consideration amount of attention Tony Finch’s organization was tipped off by conservative media trying to unbelievably amplify this outrageous story, but why anyone would “do something like that” is a real mystery.

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