Laura Ingraham names “real accomplice” in Buffalo shootings, we can’t do it either

Laura Ingraham On Monday, media other than the right wing Buffalo, New York, A mass shooting that killed 10 people over the weekend. (Watch the video below.)

The Fox news The host has blown up democratic efforts to limit hate speech that incites the types of violence by white suspects who left an online manifest of racists before the attack on the supermarket.

She pointed In the rolling stone heading “Buffalo shooters are not’lonely wolves’,” it says. He is a mainstream Republican. This article explained how the accused murderer embraced the “great alternative theory” that has become more common among conservatives (including Tucker Carlson). On fox news And top House Republican Elise Stefanik) And led propaganda to its violent “logical conclusion”.

“Rolling Stone’s Gonzo journalists say no, no, no, no, no, there are Republicans here,” Ingraham said indignantly. “I don’t want to talk about it tonight because it’s so weak that it’s so predictable. It’s so boring because there are real accomplices in the media. I give in to this country with a policy that makes American families poor every day. The media behind the administration that made it. And they tried this tact many times. “

She wasn’t over.

Check out the rest of her rambling segments here:

Former Ingraham Blame the news media For the killing by black police.

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This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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