Lauren Boebert brags about “no spare ammunition” in a Christmas photo with a gun with children

manager Lauren Boebert It took time from (R-Colo.) Compose the story of Islamophobia About a fellow councilor tweeting pictures of herself and her four young children having an assault rifle in front of a Christmas tree.

“Boeberts has six @RepThomasMassie!” A Republican who loves guns and supports conspiracy theories wrote on Twitter late Tuesday, Similar image Congressman Thomas Massy (Republican) shared it online last week.

“(But there is no spare ammunition),” she added.

After four students died at Oxford High School in Michigan, Bobert and Massy shared a photo.

Owning a bobert Gun-themed restaurant And earlier this year, we released an ad that attacked the Democratic Party. Ended with a gunshot, Ripped round on Twitter for stunts.

MSNBC Mehdi Hasan “Four children have guns in this picture,” Bobert said. This was “just as many kids as another kid took a gun and shot and killed him just a few days ago.”

“This party is a cult of death, part 335,” he added.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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