Lauren Boebert Compromises Herself in Severely Flawed Attack on Hunter Biden

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John Oliver calls Marjorie Taylor-Green an ‘obvious dog-whistle bias’ in monkeypox comments

Addressing the rapidly spreading monkeypox virus, last Sunday with John Oliver, Oliver asked Congressman Marjorie Taylor-Green, R-GA, to comment on the disease she recently made. “Of course, monkeypox is a threat to some people in our population, but we know what causes it. It’s basically a sexually transmitted disease, so it’s not a threat to most of the population.” No,” Green said. “So this is not a global pandemic. I think is another scam.” “Okay, obviously that’s ridiculous,” Oliver replied. “If the way to get rid of something awful was for people to laugh at it and mock it, the woman obviously wouldn’t be in Congress. Yet we’re all here.” It also explored Greene’s assertion that monkeypox was strictly an LGBTQ issue, with a tweet she posted that he viewed as a homophobic dog whistle against conservatives. If pox is a sexually transmitted disease, why do kids get it?” he tweeted. “It’s a clear act of dog-whistling bigotry that suggests gay people are dangerous to children,” Oliver said.