Lauren Boebert created a space blanket during a speech in Biden’s parliament, which covered his knees.

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Congressman Lauren Bobert (R-CO) is watching her phone when US President Joe Biden speaks at a joint session at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on April 28, 2021. Photo by CHIPSO MODEVILLA / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

  • Lauren Boebert expanded the space blanket during President Biden’s speech to Congress on Wednesday.

  • Republicans were filmed with a blanket on their lap while using their cell phone.

  • Bobert also criticized Biden by live tweeting the address from inside the house room.

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Colorado Congressman Lauren Boebert has taken a unique approach to maximizing comfort. An hour-long speech to Parliament by President Joe Biden Wednesday night.

She unpacked what looked like a space blanket in almost half of her address and placed the Mylar seat on her lap. The evening photo shows Bobert using the phone while covered in a blanket, and her Twitter account shows that she tweeted more than 25 times at Biden’s address.

Matt Fuller, the Daily Beast’s political reporter inside the Chamber of Commerce Tweet Bobert “opened the blanket out loud,” so he “shook it freely so that everyone could hear it in the room” before hanging it on his lap.

The actions of freshmen during the speech frowned on many occasions-from Live Tweet Vitriol in Biden from inside the house chamber to refuse to stand up during the standing ovation of First Lady Jill Biden.

Bobert Progan Right wing During her brief time in the House of Representatives, the ideology shook her head visibly several times when Biden’s speech was directed to gun control later in the speech.

Republicans also refused to stand when Biden proposed to reduce the cost of prescribing Americans-a rare moment when he elicited a standing ovation from members of both parties.

A Bobbert spokesperson seemed to suggest that the space blanket was a commentary on immigration and the US border.

“President Biden didn’t deal with or pay attention to the crisis at our southern border, so Congressman Bobert did,” Bobert’s communications director Ben Stout told insiders.

In a statement to insiders, Bobert criticized Biden’s speech, calling him a “leftist extremist” and “not talking about what Americans need to deal with him.”

“My reaction to the speech can be summarized in four words: I miss President Trump,” Bobert said.

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