Lauren Boebert said one of the children was delivered by truck and raised as a support point for extended parental leave.

Lauren Boebert speaks at a press conference at Capitol Hill

In this June 23, 2021 file photo, Republican Rep. Lauren Bobert will speak at a press conference at the Capitol in Washington. Associated Press Photo / J.Scott Applewhite

  • Lauren Boebert has criticized Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg for taking several months of parental leave.

  • To support her claim, she said she gave birth to one of her children in the front seat of her truck.

  • Bobert accused Butigeg of abandoning the country during the ongoing supply chain crisis.

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, when criticizing him for taking his father’s vacation during a supply chain crisis, compared her parent-child relationship with that of Transport Minister Pete Butigeg. He said he gave birth to one of four children in the front seat of the.

“I delivered one of my kids to the front seats of my truck, because as a mother of four, we had something to do,” Bobert said. Breaking video Posted on Monday by her YouTube account.

“No one has two and a half months of maternity leave. There is a world to save here,” she added.

Bobert blows up gay Butigeg, Announced in August He said he would take two months of parental leave after adopting his newborn twins. She said Americans “know who to blame.” Supply chain crisis Affects Christmas celebrations.

“Mayor Pete, who was in charge of everything, left for two months of motherhood, paternity, no matter what you call it. Well, the man left. The man wasn’t working,” says Bobert. I did.

“Why? He was trying to find a way to feed his breasts,” she jokingly added, referring to Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Created last month Mock Butigeg.

Butigeg responded to his criticism of parental leave, saying that time with his family was a “work.” According to the New York Times.

“The important thing is to have a new personal appreciation for the fact that this is a job,” Butigeg said. “It may be a time away from a professional role, but it’s a very time.”

The White House, along with spokesman Jen Psaki, expressed support for Butigeg. Tweet The transport manager is one of the “role models for the importance of paid leave for new parents.”

Studies show that parental leave programs It benefits the economy, improves the health of children, reduces infant mortality, and prepares fathers for parenting.

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