Lauren Boebert was asked to use the phone, shaking his head to Biden’s call for gun control (clone)

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Republican representative Lauren BoebertFamous for her strict gun control stance, Joe Biden I talked about the ban Assault weapon And a large-capacity magazine.

Colorado General Assembly, one of only 200 members who could attend a joint speech to the president’s parliament, was seen shaking his head.

NBC News correspondent Capitol Hill, Kasie Hunt, was one of many who pointed out that when Biden recommended vaccination to Americans, Bobert didn’t applaud or stand up either.

Most of Mr. Bobert’s Republican colleagues stood up and applauded.

Ms. Hunt tweeted that lawmakers seemed to be sending text messages, saying she was still typing on the phone shortly thereafter.

While President Biden was still speaking, Ms. Bobert replied “* Tweeting” on Twitter to correct her.

Bobert actually tweeted her reaction to the speech on her official Twitter account. “What I want to hear in Biden’s speech is how to resolve the border crisis,” she writes. “I hear that you plan to spend trillions of dollars to raise taxes.”

“What I don’t want to hear is the dishonest call for unity from this authoritarian leader and his radical administration,” she added.

At some point she tweeted. “Is it me, or is Biden talking about many of the problems he encountered during his nearly 50-year tenure?”

Regarding gun control, she writes: “Will Joe Biden start a gun-controlled crusade by investigating hunters?”

Meanwhile, on her personal Twitter account, Ms. Bobert posted: It is not. “

She subsequently asked for donations to the campaign.

Ms. Bobert later wrote, “We, the people, have big enough government.”

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Lauren Boebert shook his head to Biden’s call for gun control and was called to use the phone

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