Lauren Boubert slams ‘unhinged’ Marjorie Taylor-Green after vowing to chill it

manager Lauren Bobert The (Republican Party of Colorado) recently said it wanted to “turn the temperature down a notch” now that Republicans have taken control of the House. marjorie taylor green (R-Ga.).

“I was asked to explain MTG’s belief in Jewish space lasers and why she attended the White Supremacist Congress…I’m not going there,” Boebert said. told the Associated Press In an interview during the election for House Speaker, one of the green The most widely derided conspiracy theory. “She wants to say all these things and she seems unobtrusive on Twitter, so that’s fine.”

Boebert and Greene, who are on the same fringe of the political spectrum, do not share a decidedly warm relationship at the moment.The two have been at odds in recent weeks over House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s bid. , Greene enthusiastically endorsed this.

Beaubert last month furious At a conservative conference in Phoenix, Green criticized her for believing in ridiculous conspiracy theories and for endorsing McCarthy as a speaker. ‘, accusing Colorado Republicans won re-election with hair.

Boebert was one of the most high-profile holdouts for McCarthy’s House leadership bid. But in the 14th and 15th rounds of voting, she switched from endorsing other candidates to voting for “the present,” ultimately helping pave the way for McCarthy to take the gavel. .

of interview last month With Republicans leading the House, Boebert said he intends to tone down her impassioned rhetoric, according to feedback from voters who re-elected her by an unexpectedly small margin in November.

“The big lesson I’ve seen and what I’ve heard from voters is that my policies are right, but everyone is ready to bring the temperature down one notch in Washington, D.C. ‘ she said. “And I’m very excited and optimistic that I have the opportunity to do that now.”

In the same Associated Press interview in which she denounced Greene, Boubert said her narrow reelection “opened my eyes to another chance to do all that I had promised.”

According to Boebert, that includes focusing on realizing the policies she has implemented rather than “owning the left,” and striving to reduce conflict and “bring unity.” increase.

In his first term, Boebert built a national profile of extremism, fiercely embracing free gun rights, religious rhetoric, and hyped support for former President Donald Trump. While she mocks Greene for believing in so-called “Jewish space lasers,” Bobert is also flirting with nonsense conspiracies. show support For the QAnon movement, which claims a vast network of pedophiles is controlled by top Democratic leaders and donors.