Law firm funding for class action against compulsory geriatric vaccination

Sydney — Sydney law firms are preparing what they claim to be the “largest class action in history” on behalf of senior care workers for mandatory vaccination.

The company’s G & B Lawyers have launched a GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising $ 1 million (735, $ ​​150). As of August 16, the campaign has raised over $ 344,000.

We are also calling for the participation of elderly care workers in the proceedings.

In June, the national cabinet, an intergovernmental decision-making body, mandated vaccination of elderly care workers in response to the emergence of delta variants of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus. I agreed to do it.

“This is not something that any government should lighten … We have been considering this issue for some time based on the best possible medical advice,” said Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The goal is to vaccinate most workers by September 17, 2021. In Australia, the state government is primarily responsible for managing and funding medical services.

However, health care workers’ pockets are reluctant to be forced to take jabs.

According to a May survey by the Queensland Nursing Professionals Association, a Queensland nurses’ union, 81% of members did not believe that COVID-19 vaccination should be mandatory. An additional 75% said it was unfair for employers to refuse to work for nurses if they did not have the vaccine.

The union said some common concerns were about the short clinical trial stage of the vaccine, rush production, potential side effects, and freedom of choice.

Meanwhile, G & B’s actions will claim damages against the federal and state governments, according to the Facebook page. Currently, the governments of South Australia, Western Australia, and perhaps Queensland will be sued.

“It’s time to tell the state and federal governments that there is no way to force COVID-19 vaccination.” Listed on the GoFundMe page..

“Last year, state governments introduced legislation requiring older care workers to be vaccinated against the flu. That was a test run,” he continued. “In the next few days to weeks, they will force or force people to get COVID-19 vaccination.”

The company cites the Constitution and proceedings to support its claim.

Section 51 (xxiiiA) of the Constitution of Australia allows the federal government to enact legislation on the provision of medical benefits and benefits, but does not allow the use of “civil conscription”.

High Court Judge John Latham Defined conscription As a “law enforcement” that requires an individual to engage in a particular profession or job.

G & B lawyers need to estimate this and persuade the judge to make a decision in favor of it.

Daniel Y. Ten