Lawmakers blame the attack on the Epoch Times of Hong Kong

On April 12, lawmakers around the world condemned the latest attack on the Epoch Times printing press in Hong Kong, with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) behind the attack and the administration.

Early on Monday, four masked men, two of whom shook a hammer, broke into the print warehouse and smashed the machine and computer for about two minutes before leaving with the computer. No staff was injured in this incident.

The intruders caused enormous damage, and the Hong Kong version of The Epoch Times was forced to suspend its activities for the time being.

Senator Rick Scott

“The counter-argument of the attack on the Free Press is of great concern. Senator Scott always stands with the Hong Kong people fighting for their freedom,” said Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.). Tokoro told the Epoch Times by e-mail. “More than ever, the United States must stand up for democracy and human rights to fight the invasion of communist China and the quest for global domination.”

Devin Nunes

“Repeated violent attacks on the Epoch Times shock the conscience,” Congressman Devinnes (Republican) told the Epoch Times in an email. “Clearly, the Chinese Communist Party and its street thugs can’t defend the media reporting the facts about the party’s accusations.”

Jim Banks

Rep. Jim Banks (Republican) said the attack could be “blamed.”

“Hong Kong’s freedom of the press is under attack from the Chinese Communist Party,” the bank said in a statement.

Congressman Michel Steele

“The attack on the Epoch Times Hong Kong is a direct attack on Hong Kong’s free press,” said Congressman Michelsteel (Republican). “The Chinese Communist Party cannot threaten and continue to violate Hong Kong’s press freedom. If it is true that the CCP was behind these attacks, they must be held accountable.”

Congressman Brian Babin

“This is another attempt by the Chinese Communist Party to silence the voice of Hong Kong’s cashiers. I deny and condemn all attacks on freedom of speech and press!”, Rep. Brian Babin. (Communist Party) said in an email to the Daiki Gen Jiho.

“I pray for my fellow liberty lovers living under the oppressive regime of the CCP. May they remain solid and courageous in their pursuit of the truth!”

Congressman Greg Stube

“This proves how much the CCP silences those who don’t support the Communist Party. We never go back to their threatening tactics, and this event is that publications like the Epoch Times have the Chinese Communist Party. We should not stop speaking against our actions and humanitarian crimes, “Greg Stube (Republican) said in a statement. “This attack on freedom of speech is one of many reasons why making the Communist Party accountable to China is my number one priority in Congress.”

Congressman Scott Perry

“The Chinese Communist Party is a thug who relies on intimidation, blackmail, and violence to suppress freedom, and who strive for truth and autonomy by consent. Even if the Communist Party is behind such an attack, they It’s no wonder they’re constantly trying to extinguish the light that exposes the dark sea of ​​oppression that highlights the illegal government of China, “said Scott Perry, a Communist Party, in a statement. ..

General Robert Spalding

“Hong Kong has no freedom of the press. Hong Kong is gone.”

Hudson Institute Senior Fellow, Miles Yu

“If the Hong Kong government remains credible and wants to convince the world that Hong Kong is still a safe and stable society, the Hong Kong government should immediately investigate and prosecute the responsible person.”

Reggie Little John, Founder and President of Frontierless Women’s Rights

“The Epoch Times printing press attack is part of the Chinese Communist Party’s totalitarian acquisition of Hong Kong. The tyrants are threatened with truth and threaten the Epoch Times by repeatedly attacking their offices. The Epoch Times journalists are heroic with courage and tenacity. They will continue to expose the evils of the CCP, regardless of personal or professional costs. “

Javier Larondo Karafato, EU Delegation of the Prisoner Defender

“We condemn the attack on Hong Kong’s Epoch Times. When the media is attacked to defend freedom of information, its vital importance becomes even more apparent. Free journalism in the world. Support is the duty of all nations and citizens. “

Lucio Malan, Member of Parliament of Italy

“This is yet another act of the Beijing administration’s atrocities against democracy and freedom in Hong Kong. It is completely ruled out that such an attack could occur without the acquiescence of the Chinese Communist Party authorities. In addition to sophisticated 21st century technology, Beijing also uses 100 or 200 year old methods. [Italian Foreign Affairs] Minister Dimaio still has to answer my question asking why Italy abstained from a UN resolution condemning the crackdown on opposition in the former British colony. “

Maria Herrera Melado Vox, US Political Party Representative, and Lawyer:

“The violence against the Epoch Times media in Hong Kong is worrisome. Now that socialism and cancellation cultures have made great strides and even the holistic regime has been whitened, the general public, especially lawyers, We must unite to protect the freedom of the press, our fundamental rights, and the foundations for living in full democracy. “

Rosa Maria Payá, Cuban activist, Secretary-General of the Pan-American Democracy Foundation:

“Like its ally, the Communist Party of Cuba, the Chinese Communist Party has shown its censorship nature and fear of civilian freedom of speech. When they cannot silence people with fear, they see violence. We extend our solidarity to the brave journalists of the Great Era of Hong Kong. Only the voice and actions of the international community can break the CCP’s exemption from the suppression of holistic power. “

The Epoch Times Holds Press Conference on Attacks

The Epoch Times will host a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington on April 13th at 1:30 pm.

At 1:30 pm on April 13, in the Mallow Room of the National Press Club, Junguo, director of the Hong Kong Epoch Times office, will elaborate on the attack and discuss the situation the paper is facing in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong era forced to suspend printing

On April 12, the printing factory of The Epoch Times in Hong Kong was attacked for the fifth time since 2006. The attack forced a temporary closure of the paper and occurred just days before a court appearance by a major Hong Kong democratic activist.

Hong Kong’s printing mills have been hit by numerous attacks over the last 15 years, with few previous police investigations.

These attacks are part of the constant pressure on press freedom by the CCP since the Chinese administration passed legislation limiting Hong Kong’s civil liberties.

Eva Fu and Cathy He contributed to this report