Lawmakers call for tough federal restrictions on the use of facial recognition technology


A House committee is calling for a moratorium on the use of facial recognition technology by federal police and Canadian businesses unless there is court clearance or an opinion from a privacy watchdog.

In a report filed today, the Commission on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics urges governments to develop regulatory frameworks for the use of new tools, bans, surveillance and privacy.

Facial recognition technology allows images of a person’s face to be matched against a database of photographs to identify an individual.

Legislators said adequate privacy protections should address issues such as accuracy, data retention, transparency in facial recognition initiatives, and a comprehensive strategy for informed consent regarding the use of personal information by Canadians. says there is.

They also recommend that the government amend private sector privacy laws to ban the capture of images of Canadians from the internet or public places for the purpose of entering facial recognition technology databases and artificial intelligence algorithms. I hope

Without a proper framework, the report warns that facial recognition technology and other artificial intelligence tools could cause irreparable harm to some individuals.

canadian press