Lawmakers criticized Slur, who was arrested for shoplifting

Dover, Delaware (AP) —A few days after Delaware announced that it would resign for health reasons after firing last year for using racist and sexist slurs to appoint sexist workers. , Was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of bargaining.

Newark police said Tuesday that Congressman Gerald Brady was arrested on two charges of shoplifting and a warrant was issued stating that 65-year-old Brady had crouched hours later. He was released with his own perception.

House Democratic Party Announced last Friday Brady resigned on February 4, but they did not reveal that he was under investigation.

Newark police said in a press release Tuesday that they had received reports of a shoplifting incident at an Acme grocery store after 5 pm on January 12. An employee told police that he saw a man enter the store and recognized him from a shoplifting incident on December 29, which had not been reported to police.

In the second case, police said, in the second case, employees could identify the suspect’s car, get a license plate number, and see a shopping cart full of merchandise pushed past the cash register and towards the exit. I was able to do it. After confronting the employee, the man refused to pay for the goods and left the store to get into the car.

Police were told that the suspect’s car had a license plate for the General Assembly with Brady’s initials. After looking at Brady’s photo, the clerk confirmed that the vehicle owner and the suspect in the two cases were the same person.

Brady’s leading lawyer, Victor Battalia Jr., said it was “premature” to comment on his arrest.

“I hope people and the media don’t jump to conclusions,” Battalia said, adding that Brady is scheduled for prosecution in March.

House Democratic spokesman Andrew Volturo refused to comment on Brady’s arrest. He instead noted a statement last Friday that Speaker of the House Pete Schwarzkov described Brady as a “kind and empathic representative” and said Brady had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. did. Brady said in a prepared statement on Friday that the diagnosis was the result of his deployment to the Middle East with Delaware National Guard.

“Our first idea is that Gerald gets the help he needs,” Schwarzkopf said at the time.

Brady, executive director of the Delaware AFL-CIO, faced a call to resign last summer after Brady inadvertently emailed advocates to denounce prostitution using slurs. ..

Brady thought he was forwarding the email to another person asking for input from his supporters, and instead accidentally pressed “Reply” to send a comment to his supporters.

The proponents mentioned a study showing that the presence of strip clubs and other adult entertainment facilities in New York City reduced sexual crimes. Researchers have suggested that the decline was not primarily caused by crimes, but by potential sex offenders who frequently visit those facilities.

“Basically, if you give Uncle Purby free (oral sex), there will be less rape, and (Chinese female slur) will be sent to Wilmington Harbor in a CONEX container ??” Brady Wrote from his official government email address.

In a call for Brady’s resignation, Democratic leaders ordered him to complete susceptibility training and reach out to members of the Asian-American community to regain their credibility. A week later, Brady announced that he would not seek reelection after his current term had expired.

That wasn’t enough for some critics, including fellow lawmakers. Newark Democrat Madinah Wilson Anton told the House Ethics Board that he had engaged in acts that made the house unpopular or adversely affected the aptitude of its members. I have filed a complaint.

Following a private meeting of the Democratic-led committee, Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst unanimously said in September that members of the committee did not violate the legislative rules of conduct and no further action was taken. Announced that they agreed unanimously. In a statement, lawyers at Democratic and Republican meetings had no precedent for disciplining lawmakers in non-legislative speeches, and the prospect of such disciplinary action raised concerns about the First Amendment. Was attached.