Lawrence O’Donnell finds new ‘extremely terrible evidence’ against Trump


of MSNBC Lawrence O’donnell Said donald trump We have “very bad news” with multiple reports that federal investigations into possible obstruction of justice are nearing completion.

And the former president doesn’t like it either.

O’Donnell pointed out: Washington Post report Prosecutors say Trump and his team “dress rehearsalFor moving classified documents he intended to keep in Mar-a-Lago.

He summarized what he said could be “extremely disgusting evidence” allegedly uncovered by investigators:

“Donald Trump is famously too impatient to rehearse speeches and such, but the evidence seems to indicate that he was determined to commit obstruction of justice charges, and that the presidential It appears that he personally ordered a rehearsal to move government documents that he had previously illegally possessed.” The FBI may come looking for them. ”

He said sabotage carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

O’Donnell also referred to a Bloomberg report that prosecutors could announce potential indictments against the former president in the days or weeks after Memorial Day.

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