Lawsuit accuses Google of firing executive after rejecting female boss’ offer to molest


A former Google executive has sued the company after he was fired after he was allegedly groped by a senior female colleague at a company dinner.

Ryan Olohan, 48, Married father of seven Defendant from New Jersey Google He fired CEO Tiffany Miller at a restaurant in New York City in December 2019 after he rejected a pick-up line.

The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, names both Google and Miller as defendants and accuses them of discrimination, retaliation, and fostering a hostile work environment.

According to court documents, Google’s director of programmatic media, Miller, allegedly rubbed Olohan’s abs, complimented him on his figure, and said his marriage lacked “spice.”

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The incident allegedly occurred during a drunken company gathering at Fig & Olive on West 13th Street after Olohan was promoted to managing director of food, beverages and restaurants. He joins a new management team at his Manhattan office, which includes Miller.

Olohan then reported the incident to Google’s Human Resources (HR) department the following week, but no further discussion or investigation into the incident took place.

According to the lawsuit, the human resources officer “openly admitted that if the complaint was ‘the other way around’, the complaint would certainly escalate if a woman accused a white man of harassment.”

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Following the report, Olohan claimed Miller began retaliating against him by criticizing him and reporting him to Human Resources for “microaggressions.”

Allegations of retaliation then continued at other company events when Miller drunkenly punched Olohan in front of his colleagues in December 2021 and April 2022.

She also tells Orohan that she knows that Orohan likes Asian women, mentioning that both herself and his wife are Asian.

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“Google was aware that Miller continued to harass Olohan because he declined her sexual advances, but again took no action. ‘ the lawsuit alleges.

In a statement to new york posta spokesperson for Miller denied Olohan’s accusations.

In July 2022, Olohan’s supervisor, Adam Stewart, allegedly encouraged Orohan to lay off male employees to make room for women on the team.

Stewart is said to have told Olohan that there were “clearly too many white people” in management.

The tech giant fired Orohan the following month, ending his employment after serving 16 years.

During a video conference, Olohan was told by Google’s employee research team that he would be fired for not being “inclusive.” claim for litigation.

When asked specifically why he thought Olohan was not inclusive, Olohan responded to Olohan’s request by stating that Olohan favors high performers, which are “non-inclusive.” and commented on the employee’s walking speed. and Hustle, it was considered a “talented man.”

After his dismissal, Olohan, who runs an ice cream shop in New Jersey, reportedly joined Klick Group as executive vice president of growth.