Lawyer allied with Trump was punished in Michigan proceedings

Detroit (AP) — Nine lawyers allied with former President Donald Trump after a judge on Wednesday said he abused the court system in a proceeding in favor of Joe Biden to challenge Michigan’s election results. Faces fines and other sanctions.

U.S. region Judge Linda Parker said The proceedings last fall were fake attempts to deceive courts and the general public just days after the 154,000-vote victory in Biden’s state was proven.

“Despite the turmoil, turmoil, and haze of the turmoil counsel that we deliberately tried to create by filing this proceeding, one thing is completely clear: plaintiffs’ lawyers despise their oath and rule. Ignored and tried to undermine the integrity of the judiciary along the way, “Parker said at the beginning of a bitter opinion on page 110.

The proceedings were filed on behalf of six Republican voters who wanted Parker to revoke Michigan’s results and imprison the voting machine. The judge declined in December, stating the request as “the scope is amazing and the scope is breathtaking.”

State and Detroit Then asked Parker to order sanctions Sidney Powell, L. Against Lin Wood and the other seven lawyers who were part of the proceedings.

The judge agreed and told the state and city to aggregate the costs of defending the proceedings and submit the figures within 14 days.

According to Parker, Trump supporter lawyers filed an affidavit with ominous “speculation and speculation” about the ballot counting process, without confirming evidence to support the allegations.

“Individuals may, to a certain extent, have the right to publicly disseminate allegations of fraud that are not supported by law or fact,” the judge said.

Parker ordered each lawyer to have 12 hours of legal education, including 6 hours of election law. Her decision is also sent to the state where the lawyer has a license for disciplinary action possible there.

This was one of the few efforts to impose fines and other penalties from suspected post-election proceedings across the United States. There was no immediate response to the message requesting comment from Wood and Powell’s lawyers.

Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel said, “Thanks for the unmistakable message she sent in this ruling. Those who vow to uphold the Constitution must answer to abandon that oath.” Said.

There is No evidence of widespread fraud In the 2020 election. Indeed, election officials from both parties have publicly stated that the elections went smoothly, and international observers confirmed that there were no serious injustices.

At a court hearing in July, Powell took “full responsibility” in the proceedings and compared the court battle with the 1954 US Supreme Court ruling that outlawed racism in schools.

“It is the duty of lawyers to raise difficult and unpopular issues, and it is the highest tradition of legal affairs,” Powell told judges, adding that efforts to impose sanctions would undermine public views of the court system. rice field.

Wood’s name was in the proceedings, but he claimed that Powell had no other role than telling Powell that he was available if a veteran litigant was needed.

In New York, Rudy Giuliani Legal suspended He made false statements in court when he tried to overturn Trump’s election defeat.


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