Lawyer for ex-Surrey British Columbia mayor says Crown can’t prove he lied

Outgoing Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum, who was defeated in a recent local election, arrives in state court for the first day of his public prank trial in Surrey, British Columbia, October 31, 2022. (The Canadian Press/Darryl Dyck)

defense lawyer Former Mayor of Surrey, British Columbia, Doug McCallum, said his client should be acquitted of public indecency charges.

Eric Gottardi says embellishment in McCallum’s statement to police that a woman with a history of harassing him was pulled from a supermarket parking lot was due to the chaos following the horrific incident.

In a videotaped statement released in court, McCallum acknowledged that Debi Johnstone was a campaigner for a group that wanted to keep the RCMP in Surrey, but he refused to replace it with local police. I was planning.

Johnstone testified that McCallum walked to his car and stood there cursing and yelling at him to resign, his face scaly and calling him a bad guy.

During the trial, we heard that surveillance video came from outside the store during the incident last September, but it was inconclusive proof that McCallum’s leg was run over because the shrubs obscured what happened. is not.

Gotthardi says McCallum was a hoax in an affidavit to the police and it’s up to the king to prove that his leg wasn’t run over.

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