Laxalt’s key to the Republican Party over the US Senate


Gardnerville, Nevada (AP) — US Senator Tom Cotton tells a crowd of about 4,000 Republicans, with former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxar incumbent Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Mast. He told me that he was planning to run for the Senate.

He and other Republican celebrities revived a crowd of rural Nevada ranches on Saturday, faithfully that the road to regaining the U.S. Senate in the middle of next year may be in Nevada. Reminded the party.

The hot sun and wildfire smoke that obscure the nearby mountains is the first of Laxalt, a culinary-modeled event hosted by US Senator Paul Laxalt, the grandfather of the Basque son and former Attorney General of Nevada. Immigrant shepherds who rarely blunted the energy of conservative activists in the 6th Basque Fly.

The event is becoming an important stop in the early presidential primary, tasting local fares to raise awareness of the name and attract new stars who want to be loved by voters. Unlike pork chops and corn cobs at the Iowa State Fair, Basque fried dishes include beans, chorizo, and special fried events for bold people, topped with spices and fried lamb’s testicles.

Politicians such as Cotton, U.S. Senator Mark Amodei, and former U.S. Senator Dean Heller exchanged suits and ties for cowboy boots and Levis, crossed the ranch, and gladly handed them, saying, “Forch lied.” I posed for a self-portrait with an activist in a written T-shirt. “Trump de Santis 2024.”

Not sure if he’s going to try French fries, Cotton is probably the best chance for the Republicans to turn the U.S. Senate over Nevada, comparing Nevada with Arizona, Georgia, and New Hampshire, with Adam Laksa as a candidate. Said. Laxalt has not yet announced plans to run for public office.

“Adam, I don’t think he should be said to be your next US Senator. There are some election funding rules for it, but what do I do about some such stupid rules? Do you care? Adam Laxal will go to the US Senate for Battleborn in 2022, “Cotton said on a platform built on hay bales against the backdrop of Sierra Nevada Mountains. did.

Cotton also called U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Mast in step with party leaders to represent a swing state like Nevada, and by regaining the U.S. Senator, the Republican Party gained China’s growing geopolitical power. Said that it could contain the US-Mexico border and prevent “critical racial theory” from being taught at the school.

“Nevada is a fairly evenly divided state, and she quickly voted for the Biden-Schumer agenda,” said Cotton.

In Nevada, the Democratic Party is currently governor of both the US Senate and the majority of the Legislature. But it’s still a very swing state, the parties say. Biden defeated former President Donald Trump by 2.4 percentage points in the 2020 elections, and the last two US Senate races representing the state were decided with less than 5 percentage points.

Florida Governor Ron de Santis, a marquee speaker at this year’s event, canceled his direct appearance on Friday due to possible tropical storms in the southeastern United States. The audience crouched down to hear his video message, claiming that he “lived in Joe Biden’s head without rent,” and urged Laxalt to run for the Senate.

Both DeSantis and Cotton are rumored to be considering a presidential bid. However, the path to nomination depends largely on whether Trump intends to participate in the race.

The Republican Party previewed the message of the next midterm election, emphasizing the power of social media platforms, crime, immigration, and how schools teach children about the role of racism in US history.

“Big Tech has relentlessly implemented the worldview of the ruling class elite, from COVID to election integrity. If you fall out of legitimacy, you will be canceled, suspended, and separated. Well, now is the time for us to stand up, “Laxal said.

Andi Orelana, a spokesman for the Nevada Democratic Victory Group working on the re-election of Cortez Mast, described Laxalt as extreme and dishonest, saying he would not focus on Nevada’s problems if he ran.

“Adam Laksa has never been honest with Nevada. When he used his elected position to benefit extraordinary donors, not as Attorney General. Even as Trump’s main lazy man in Nevada, he wasn’t when he used his platform to spread big lie. It overturns the 2020 elections. ” “Today’s announcement shows that he is still focusing on DC allies and Trump, not Nevada.”

However, the stance that received the most applause from the crowd was associated with election integrity and potential fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Former Trump administration official Rick Grenell and American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp, who joined Laxalto to claim that Trump would have won Nevada without fraud at a press conference in November 2020, said about the election. I repeated the claim. Shrap claimed that Trump had won Nevada, and Grenelle said Democrats did not properly investigate fraudulent votes.

Republican and Trump campaign lawyers lost multiple bids in Nevada state and federal courts, nullified the victory of Biden’s electoral college, and gave the former Vice President six electoral votes.


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