Le Pen’s National Rally sends a shock wave to France after the election breakthrough


Paris-France’s right-wing party, the National Union (RN), has achieved historic success in Sunday’s legislative elections, increasing the number of parliamentarians by almost 10 times and raising the party’s fringe status to mainstream opposition. I made it solid.

The party’s rebranding (formerly the National Rally) by RN leader Marine Le Pen secured 42% in the April presidential elections, gaining support from voters fascinated by President Emmanuel Macron and rising costs of living. And many rural communities.

On Sunday, Le Pen saw that support go one step further. It is estimated that Le Pen’s party could be the second largest party in parliament, gaining 85-90 seats from just two seats in 2012 and eight seats in 2017. Leading pollsters last week estimated only 25-50 seats.

“We have achieved three goals: to make Emmanuel Macron a minority president without seizure of power and to pursue the political restructuring that is essential for democratic renewal,” Victory. Le Pen was reelected in northern France, swore and then told reporters. Be a respectful opponent.

“And about forming a decisive opposition group against the dismantler, the macronist, and the Nupe from below,” she should be the biggest opposition block in Congress. He added, referring to the main far-left left alliance. The party’s La France Insoumise is set to win fewer seats than the RN.

Sunday’s results killed the so-called “Republican front” of all striped voters gathered behind candidates who are presenting themselves as a mainstream alternative to the “far right.”

It also proved Le Penn’s strategy to reshape the party’s image after the presidential vote, while refusing to join forces with nationalist politician Eric Zemmour, who turned into a critic.

In terms of seats, Le Pen’s party will be behind the left group, which will allow RN to have much more weight in parliament.

For example, you will be able to submit a distrust resolution to the government, send the bill to the French Supreme Constitutional Court, lead the Parliamentary Commission, and spend more time in parliament.

Treasury Minister Bruno Le Mer told France 2 Television that “we are facing a democratic shock because of a very strong breakthrough by the National Rally.”

Reuters contributed to this article.

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