Leader expands promise in the second week of election campaign


Federalist leaders continue their campaign trails today, announcing new plans in the hope of attracting voters to their respective platforms.

liberal..Liberal leader Justin Trudeau Presentation A three-part housing plan in Hamilton on Tuesday. This includes $ 1 billion in loans and grants to help lessors become homeowners through a variety of rental projects.This plan includes a tax-exempt First Home Savings Account This allows Canadians under the age of 40 to save up to $ 40,000 in their first home and withdraw it tax-free for purchase without having to repay it.

The liberal plan also promised the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to reduce monthly mortgages by reducing premiums by 25%.

Trudeau too Pledge Blind bids will be banned and foreigners will be banned from buying Canadian homes for the next two years to give Canadian homebuyers more access.He also promised If re-elected, it will build or repair 1.4 million homes in four years to increase housing supply.

conservatives..Conservative leader Erin O’Toole Presentation In Ottawa on Tuesday, he announced that he would secure a pension for Canadian workers if his party was elected.

Otour’s plan Unless the pension plan is fully funded, you will find that while running a company in restructuring, the owner does not pay himself for the bonus. Companies are not allowed to convert underfunded pension plans to pensions and are required to report on the status of their employees’ pension plans.

O’Toole also said it supported the current health care system and promised to make “the best ever” health care transfer to the state.

NDP.. NDP leader Jugmate Shin concern We will end commercial care during the campaign in Mississauga on Tuesday.

He promised again Develop national care standards with accountability measures, raise wages and support long-term care workers.

Green party. During the suspension of the campaign in Mississauga on Tuesday, Green Party Leader Anamie Paul Said Affordable housing is her number one priority.

She said there was an urgent need to recognize that Canada has an affordable housing crisis, and He confirmed that action was being taken, tightened regulations to limit foreign investment, and proposed appointing federal housing advocates to end the “predatory” practice of residential real estate.

People’s party.. PPC Reader Maxime Bernier Tweet On Tuesday, his party will continue to face issues such as “immigration, private health care, equality, climate warnings, etc.” He said the other party “don’t want to touch”.

of Another tweet“Remember, if a politician promises them a new program, subsidy, or tax cut, he also has to pay for all promises with others,” he told voters. Told.

Isaac Theo

Isaac is a Toronto-based reporter.