Leader keeps promise on day 12 of the campaign


On the 12th day of the federal election campaign, the leader focused on issues ranging from senior citizens, housing, medical care to pandemic preparedness and COVID-19-related health measures.

liberal..Liberal leader Justin Trudeau while the campaign stopped in Quebec City on Thursday I swore Increase federal assistance to low-income older people if re-elected. He promised to raise the guaranteed income supplement by $ 500 for individuals and $ 750 for older couples.

Trudeau also announced Press release Wednesday raised by government Corporate tax Of Canada’s largest banks and insurance companies, it accounts for 3% of all revenues in excess of $ 1 billion. This will be devoted to a program that will allow more Canadians to own their homes.

The same banks and insurers also need to share some of their profits with Canadian dividends.

conservatives.. Conservative leader Erin O’Toole announced Thursday that his party will introduce a “safety net” for gig economy workers who are not currently eligible for employment insurance (EI). He promised that the “Gig Economy Company” would make contributions equivalent to the Canadian pension scheme and EI premiums, allowing them to be placed in a portable employee savings account each time they pay a worker.

Outur too Presentation On Wednesday, his party set out to build a more integrated mental health care system across the country, promising to increase health care transfers to the state to 6 percent each year over the next decade.

His plans encourage employers to add mental health insurance to their employee benefits plans, create a national three-digit suicide prevention hotline, and non-profit for mental health and wellness programs. It also includes providing $ 150 million to organizations and charities over a three-year period.

NDP.. NDP leader Jagmate Singh continued to focus on affordable housing on Thursday. Pledge To help the family buy their first home.

With the suspension of the campaign in Winnipeg, Shin promised to double the tax credit for first-time homebuyers and convert it into a rebate. He will also show you ways to help homeowners lower their mortgage payments.

Green party.. Greens leader Anamy Paul has criticized Canada’s preparation for a pandemic. Stop campaign in Mississauga On Wednesday, the country said it needed to step up measures to protect it from future threats.

She developed an intergovernmental task force in which Canada developed its domestic capacity to manufacture medicines, stockpiled enough personal protective equipment, and coordinated “all elements of a pandemic” to prepare for future pandemic threats. He said it needed to be created.

Kuomintang.. PPC leader Maxime Bernier released a statement Thursday on his party’s approach to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If elected, PPC will focus on protecting the most vulnerable people while ensuring “Canadian freedom to make decisions based on informed consent” and “compulsion and” on pandemic health measures. He said he would refuse “discrimination.”

His plans include abolishing vaccine obligations or regular inspections of federal civil servants and workers, abolishing vaccine passports, and opposition to “other authoritarian measures imposed by the state government.” increase.

Isaac Theo

Isaac is a Toronto-based reporter.