Leader wanting a campaign boost after the French debate


Montreal — In a poll suggesting fierce competition, leaders of major political parties want to get boost from the first debate of the two schedules televised when they return to today’s campaign trail. increase.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will follow up on his encounter in French last night with an announcement and press conference later this morning in Mississauga, Ontario.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole will announce in Montreal before joining supporters at an event in North Vancouver, and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh will announce the platform in Quebec City this morning.

Four major leaders faced each other in Montreal on Thursday night in the campaign’s first television debate on the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare, and system in Quebec, Canada’s 44th federal election battlefield. Exchanged thorns over racism.

The French debate on TVA, one of the state’s hottest networks, is at the midpoint of the campaign, with Quebec being the Liberal Party, Bloc Québécois and the conservatives.

With the participation of Trudeau, Autour, Singh and Brock’s Eve Francois Blanche, three opposition leaders accused Trudeau of unnecessarily unleashing elections amid the rise in COVID-19 incidents and the crisis in Afghanistan. ..

Trudeau’s minority government was elected in 2019 before a pandemic broke out and overturned federal priorities. He said this would require new delegation from voters.

The debate covered three main themes: pandemics, social policy, and recovery.

The Greens, Anamy Paul, and the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, were not invited to join.

Quebec, with its high votes, has proven to be volatile in past elections, plunging into NDP under Jack Layton in 2011 and unexpectedly rocking towards the block two years ago.

In 2019, Brock more than tripled the number of seats to 32, pushing the liberal party down to 35 seats in Quebec and the Tories down to 10 seats, while the NDP plummeted to 1 seat in Montreal. This is the highest benchmark of 59 under the 16 seats and “Lubon Jack” won in 2015.

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