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On April 16, 2021, a Hong Kong judge further nailed a free coffin in Hong Kong. 9 Democratization Promotion LeadersHe was sentenced to imprisonment for peaceful demonstrations in August 2019, including Martin Lee, Jimmy Lai, Albert Ho, and Margaret Ng.

They said that the Hong Kong government saidDelivery method, ”This will allow Hong Kong citizens and foreigners to be transferred to courts in mainland China.

October, CEO of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam withdraws legislation.. But she did not try to close the gap with millions of people, especially young people, who protested the injection of mainland China’s legal powers into the rule of law in Hong Kong. Instead, the government promised to punish those who demonstrated peacefully.

Since then, the framework of Hong Kong’s one country, two systems has been shredded.inside that 1984 Joint Declaration As the UK regained Hong Kong’s sovereignty, Beijing promised to maintain Hong Kong’s “high degree of autonomy” and Hong Kong’s capitalist system and clear “lifestyle” for 50 years (until 2047).

Silence old guards in favor of democratization

At the beginning of 2020, the Chinese Communist Party seems to have concluded that Hong Kong authorities cannot control the rebellious masses of Hong Kong. Xi Jinping General Secretary waving the historical dice, was effectively dominate the Hong Kong. Imposition of National Security Law, Extensive scope and ambiguous conditions in which everyone in Hong Kong, whether Chinese or foreign, is accused of potentially threatening China’s national security under the orders of special security authorities and courts.

The law gives the Communist Party a warrant to replace the rule of law (the foundation of Hong Kong’s “lifestyle” and status as an international financial center) with Beijing’s political rule.The· Communist Party is currently being dismantled It incorporates Hong Kong’s political system to be “faithful” to China, the prospect of democratic impact on political life, and scrutinizes education to ensure that it is “patriotic.”

Democratization supporters shouted to the riot police during an anti-National Security Act rally in the Mongkok district in Hong Kong, China, on June 12, 2020. To commemorate the first anniversary of a massive clash between police and democratic demonstrators over the controversial expulsion bill, protesters paid attention to online phone calls to get together.

Democratization supporters shouted to the riot police during an anti-National Security Act rally in the Mongkok district in Hong Kong, China, on June 12, 2020. Protesters listened to online calls as the city celebrated its first anniversary of a massive clash between police and democratic demonstrators over the controversial expulsion bill.

The April 16 ruling is designed to silence old guards who support democracy. Persecution and intimidation Of younger generation democratic leaders like Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow Dennis Quoc And Nathan Law (in exile) And their fellow protesters.

But for the wealthy publisher and defender of Hong Kong’s freedom and democracy, the Pantheon, Beijing’s “enemy of the people,” has a special place.Despite his age (73), Rye Sentenced to serve Over a year in prison.He has also been charged with multiple charges Civil disobedience And other fake crimes. Much more ominous, he was arrested for the first celebrity, Prosecuted under the National Security Law..To August 2020 Hundreds of police broke into his office, shackling and parading him as if he were a violent terrorist.

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Judge at first bail hearing Allow bail Under the strictest controls, the Chinese mass media named Rye a traitor and expressed his guilt. A Hong Kong prosecutor immediately appealed, arguing that Lai was too dangerous to be free under any circumstances. The second judge beneficially corrected the mistakes of the previous judge and returned him to detention. He remains on trial for national security charges (two of them were also collected on April 16). Curiously, it seems that his trial on new charges could be postponed until the end of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Who needs a good old show trial?

Turn the history page

Ironically, April 15th Rye was honored by the Freedom Forum In Washington. Many in Hong Kong are well worth acknowledging their commitment.Freedom Forum Dedicated Basic freedom guaranteed by the US Constitution: freedom of the press, speeches, religions, peaceful gatherings, and the right to petition the government. Hong Kong, the democratic movement, and Jimmy Lai are instilling fear in General Secretary Xi and the Communist Party because they represent this vision of freedom. These are the rights that Americans keep fighting every day. Under the one country, two systems system, until recently it was recognized as an important element of Hong Kong’s unique “way of life.”

Closely related to this value-driven vision of society is the notion that these freedoms are to speak, demand and oppose, and to make citizens accountable to government. But, as Margaret Ng eloquently reminded us on April 16, the guiding principles must be:The law must serve people and provide them with law.Otherwise, it is the people who are accountable to the government.

The challenge is at the heart of Beijing’s insistence on Hong Kong. The competition for its values ​​will dominate the relationship between China in the 21st century and many other parts of the world. Jimmy Lai and other prisoners of conscience already in Hong Kong prisons, as well as those who have been oppressed, intimidated and excluded as “unpatriotized,” represent a battle for freedom and accountability. Xi is an influential person who acts out of anxiety for fear of accountability as oppression falls into the dynamics of further oppression.

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Faced with difficult economic, environmental and vital problems, China needs international cooperation. We believe that the crackdown on Hong Kong, which abolished the 1984 promise, was already one of the major obstacles to China’s need for international involvement and can now be held by itself.

However, the history page is flipping. Beijing’s actions are rapidly becoming an obstacle for China, which takes the place where Xi envisions it on the world stage. Only 10 years ago, Hong Kong proudly saidAsia World Cities.. Today, it captures political prisoners, creates asylum seekers, and loses its reputation for political and economic freedom. A truly international city and financial center cannot break the rule of law or contain political prisoners.

James B. Cunningham is Chairman of the Freedom Commission in Hong Kong and a former US Ambassador to the Consulate Generals of Afghanistan, Israel, the United Nations and Hong Kong.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong Democratic Protesters, and Beijing Repression

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