Leaders continue to promise the campaign prior to the French discussion


The French Leaders’ Debate will be held on September 8th at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec, with the leaders to discuss it. topic Ranger From pandemic recovery, living expenses, climate change to reconciliation and foreign policy.

Before the debate, here is a summary of the announcements made on today’s campaign trail.


The Liberal Party has pledged to strengthen French protection throughout Quebec and Canada.If Re-elected, Liberal Party Reintroduction In a statement on September 8, the party announced a law to modernize the official language law within 100 days of the new mission.

Liberals have also announced plans to support the cultural sector in a pandemic, requiring web giants to “fairly distribute” taxes on Canadian income, and their companies. Has repeatedly planned to be held liable for “harmful content” published on their platform. “

The Liberal Party has also promised to increase funding for CBC / Radio Canada “to reduce its reliance on advertising revenue” with the aim of eliminating advertising altogether during news and public relations programs.


Conservative leader Erin O’Toole On September 8th, we announced plans to support restaurants that were hit hard during the pandemic. “Meal and Discovery ProgramGives Canadians a 50% refund “once safe” for food and non-alcoholic beverages purchased for a month’s meal from Monday to Wednesday.

“This will put about $ 1 billion into the hit hospitality sector,” he said in a video tweet on September 8.


September 8th, NDP candidates Northern Ontario Residents who promise more affordable living, health care services, job creation, reconciliation and climate change response plans.

On September 7, party leader Jagmeet Singh repeated his promise to continue pushing for more affordable housing plans. Flippers in a tax house You can make a profit by increasing the taxable amount of capital gains from 50% to 70%. A 20% foreign buyer tax will also be levied to curb housing speculation.


PPC leader Maxime Bernier during a campaign in Dauphin, Manitoba on September 7th Presentation If elected, his government will prioritize improving trade and labor liquidity between states and territories.

“To protect local special interests, the state government has adopted all sorts of measures to build barriers to trade and labor movements, which was not the intention of the federal father,” he said. Said in a statement on its website.

“The People’s Party Government reaffirms the federal authority and leadership in domestic trade.”

Green party

Green party Election Platform On September 7, there are plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% from 2005 levels by 2030 and cancel all pipeline projects and new oil exploration.

Their platform List plans Expand social programs by abolishing higher education tuition, canceling federal student loan debt, and introducing universal pharmaceutical, dentistry, and childcare.

Isaac Theo

Isaac is a Toronto-based reporter.