Leaders fueling Vaxx / Unvaxxed Divide, but they are blamed on Canada’s inadequate hospital capacity


Maru poll in mid-January find A significant number of Canadians support strict disciplinary measures against unvaccinated people.Of the 1,506 polls online, 33% agreed to refuse to renew their driver’s license to those who refused (future) compulsory vaccination, and 37% said they would “publicly funded hospitals / medical services.” Accepts a denial of access to, and 27% support a five-day imprisonment to “endanger / overwhelm others.” [the] Medical system. “

Therefore, poll company executives concluded that “the majority of Canadians have little sympathy for unvaccinated people.” By the way, “a little sympathy” is a euphemism for a much more annoying theme in these findings. Such a level of hostility towards a designated group of fellow citizens should warn responsible leaders. Unfortunately, our leaders are the cause of hostile moral panics.

In a September 2021 interview on the Quebec talk show, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referred to those who oppose the vaccine: “Misogynyists” and “racists”. And, ominously, “Do we tolerate these people?” This is a dog whistle, an enemy of those who refuse the vaccine, whose exposure and punishment are patriotic obligations. It may even instigate to be considered a fifth-rowist.

The poll results are jibe with my own anecdotal experience. The decision to get vaccinated / boosted was easy for me because of my age and the risks associated with it. Similarly, with everyone in my social cohort. However, some of them (all college-educated, deeply involved in current events, and self-aware as politically centralists or traditional liberals) have refused hospital treatment for COVID. Approvals, fines, obligations, etc. show surprisingly illegal attitudes towards unprotected people Vaccinations, unemployment, home punishment-everything needed to ensure they are in line.

Encouraged by the brand of Trudeau’s discourse and reinforced by the silo response of the media in which they live, they believe they are conspiracy theorists, trampists’ lamentations, or just fools. They believe that anyone who shares a dissenting opinion about Fox News should be censored because it disseminates false information (because no one else offers them an opportunity). In addition, the initial treatment that Trump favorably sees must not only be considered garbage, but also a banned government public interest obligation.

Thanks to my profession, I am exposed to a full perspective. I have many young friends who refused the vaccine. They approve vaccines for the elderly and other people who are known to be at high risk. Far from being racists and misogynists, they are one of the most intelligent, rational, and intellectually responsible people I know of. There are no conspiracy theorists or general vaccine repellents.

Some are scholars and skilled researchers who conduct research at the primary source level, independent of media and government spokespersons. It is no exaggeration to say that they are far smarter than me, so I listen with respect when they take a fundamental position with serious personal sacrifices, including loss of education. (I try to keep the principle: argue with confidence that you are right; listen on the assumption that you are wrong.)

For all issues related to COVID-19, we end up trusting “science” as if everything was in perfect sync, with the exception of a few infamous border scientists (SINOs). It is always said that there is.

But in reality, science rarely settles on something and should always be seen as a collaborative and continuous process. There are hundreds of well-meaning qualified scientists who disagree with “science.” However, they are routinely “cancelled” by the media and driven to platforms such as Fox News and Joe Rogan’s very popular podcasts. As a result, they appear even more suspicious to mainstream media viewers. Their alienation seems to be rational to those who access their voices, so what they have to say is Dr. Forch, Big Pharma, Mainstream Media, and Big to curb the inconvenient truth. Encourage the belief among their followers that there really is a tech conspiracy.

I learned and read from interacting with dissident friends. Great Barrington Declaration. The highly certified epidemiology, immunology, and public health policy expert who wrote it is not SINO. The recommendation of the Declaration of “Focus Protection” rather than the general blockade seems reasonable to me, and to its nearly million signatories.These friends gave me a podcast Dr. Peter McCullough, A Texas cardiologist with over 1,000 publications in the National Library of Medicine. His enthusiastic support for early treatment of COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine, antibiotics, aspirin, and vitamins has also pushed him into the SINO camp.

I am an ordinary person, not a scientist or researcher in this field. I have only critical thinking skills and common sense to guide me in expressing my opinion on public health policy. I’m not using this space to sell this or that public policy. What motivated me was so many intelligent, civilized, and usually caring people on the same ship as me, who relied on information about certified scientists who did extensive research. By doing so, I am afraid of absorbing such a near-wild disgust. For these “others,” they can complacently support the abolition of their basic human rights. I find that the rights of the Charter of those who refuse vaccination have been treated roughly by government edicts and plagued by judicial compliance that extends the “reasonable restrictions” of the Charter to unreasonable lengths. I’m stunned.

Maru’s findings are of “rights” when individuals are confiscated for fear that their survival could result in a game of music medical chairs due to lack of valuable community resources. Evidence of vulnerability.The cause of this panic is Canada Scandalous shortage Of ICU beds and personnel. Even before COVID, 91.6 percent of acute care beds were occupied. In the United States, the average occupancy of acute care beds was only 64%. In the UK it was 84.3 percent.

Canadians disproportionately disproportionate smokers if they know that disproportionate numbers of non-vaxxed patients need critical care, but no one in vaxxed or unvaxxed leaves critical care treatment. Perceive unvaxxed through the same lens as you see it. Cancer Ward Share: Maybe ridiculous, but no hatred.

Leaders who hate and punish opponents for the unstoppable epidemic of the virus have shown complete negligence in preparation for a predictable and long-predicted pandemic of this magnitude. It was the same tribe as. They deserve the question, “Do we tolerate these people?”

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Barbara Kay


Barbara Kay has been a regular columnist for the National Post since 2003, a senior columnist for the Western Standard, and has contributed to other publications. Her latest writing project is co-authored with Linda Blade in the book “Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denial is Destroying Sport.”