Leaders promise Vaccine Passport Financing, EI Benefit Extensions, and Universal Pharmacare

On the 13th day of the federal election campaign, the leader focused on vaccination obligations, employee benefits, and universal pharma care.

On August 27, in Mississauga, Ontario, Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau announced that his party would create a $ 1 billion COVID-19 Vaccination Certification Fund. If a state or territory chooses to create its own vaccination passport system, residents must present full vaccination proof when visiting restaurants, gyms, or other non-essential services. .. The Free Government “pays for the development and deployment of the program.” Trudeau said.

During a campaign on August 27 in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, conservative leader Erin Outur will extend the sickness allowance for seriously ill workers’ employment insurance from 26 weeks to 52 weeks as a worker. So I promised to “stand up for the health of the workers and their health.” While fighting life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, the benefits usually run out after 26 weeks.

On August 27, during a suspension of the campaign in Thunder Bay, Ontario, NDP leader Jagmate Singh promised to create a universal Pharmacare program. The NDP said in a press release that all Canadians would expand their healthcare to free prescription drug coverage and work with the state to confirm the proposed Pharmacare program in 2022.

Greens leader Anamy Paul is a federal leader on August 26, as thousands of Canadians, Afghan support staff, and their families remain trapped there after Canada’s evacuation efforts have ended. Calls on Afghanistan to suspend the campaign 24 hours a day to jointly focus on it. On the Greens website, Paul described the situation as “one of our lowest moments as a nation.”

August 26 TweetMaxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, responded to media requests for a list of PPC candidates who are women, POCs, or LGBTQ2S +, and the party called candidates “individual” rather than “members of the category.” He said he considers him a “Canadian.” Bernier also emphasized that PPC candidates are not subject to screening based on skin color or gender.

Isaac Theo

Isaac is a Toronto-based reporter.