Leaders talk about post-pandemic recovery, infrastructure, affordable housing, and leveling payments


On the 18th day of the federal election campaign, the leader promised to help with issues ranging from mandating vaccines to federal civil servants, investing in infrastructure and affordable housing, and reducing leveling payments. bottom.


Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau announces the liberation of his party Election Platform Wednesday, we will focus on post-pandemic recovery, housing, healthcare, economy, climate change and reconciliation.

The platform includes $ 13 billion in new spending this year, with a focus on new and ongoing health and pandemic initiatives, with a total spending of over $ 78 billion over the next five years.

Trudeau also announced on Wednesday that it would require federal workers and travelers to vaccinate and, if elected, would support vaccination programs throughout Canada.

“We stick to our commitment that federal civil servants should be vaccinated. Make sure everyone on planes and trains is vaccinated. Companies that require vaccination Protects against unfair litigation and bears the cost of deploying vaccination program certification to all states and territories that step up, “says Tordeaux, Toronto.

He added that he would continue to promote $ 10 a day in childcare, invest in mental health programs, and plan to address climate change among other issues addressed by the platform.


Conservative leader Erin O’Toole Presentation On Wednesday, his party, if elected, will invest in infrastructure projects across Canada to create jobs, reduce commute times, and improve access to high-speed internet.

“Over the country, we need more transportation, better roads, more railroads, and more broadband networks,” he said in Ottawa.

He criticized the federal government for “keeping billions of dollars out of the door for projects” announced in the last six years, and promised to “put shovels on the ground for these projects.”

“We will dispose of the failed Canadian Infrastructure Bank and unlock the money there to build infrastructure projects,” he said.

By 2025, he would also connect all regions of Canada to high-speed Internet, including rural, remote and northern communities, without using the infrastructure of Chinese tech giant Huawei, “world-class 5G. I promised to build a “network”.


NDP leader Jagmate Shin Pledge Build more affordable homes using available federal land during the suspension of the campaign in Montreal on Wednesday.

He said he would work with indigenous peoples to call for proper consultation to respect the rights of the treaty in the transfer of federal land.

He also works with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to buy affordable rental housing to “keep rents low and discourage large investors from buying rental buildings to raise rents.” I promised.


PPC leader Maxime Bernier at a campaign rally in Red Deer, Alberta on Tuesday Pledge Check the Canadian leveling formula. He said he would reduce overall payments to states so that only the states with the highest needs would benefit from payments.

“Leveling payments encourage beneficiaries to maintain large public sectors, maintain high taxes and facilitate economic intervention, which promotes investment, employment and productivity. It goes down. It’s a trap of poverty, “he said.

“The state should not be paid for leveling for decades. It’s time to stop rewarding the state government for not adopting better economic policies.”

Green party

Green Party leader Anamie Paul Press conference About drug decriminalization at 2:30 pm Eastern Standard Time in Toronto.

Isaac Theo

Isaac is a Toronto-based reporter.