Lean cooking, Delissio Pizza to disappear from Canadian store shelves in next 6 months: Nestlé

Several popular varieties of frozen pizza and frozen food will disappear from Canadian shelves in the next six months as Nestlé Canada has changed its strategy and decided to focus more on other categories.

According to Feb. 1, affected product lines include Delissio, Stouffer’s, Lean Cuisine and Life Cuisine. news release It will be published by Nestlé Canada and will be discontinued in Canada in the next 6 months.

Nestlé said it was a strategic decision to allow the company to focus on long-term business growth and “allow reinvestment in portfolio lines”.

New focuses include candy, coffee and beverages, ice cream, infant formulas and supplements, health science products, pet food, foodservice, and premium water.

The company attributes its historical success to its “ability to adapt and evolve.” Going forward, the company said it would invest in “preferred categories.”

Nestlé said it does not have factories in Canada that produce TV dinner and frozen pizza products and will work with retail partners to help withdraw products that are no longer available.

Delisio Pizza was one of the first pizzas to hit the market in 1996 with the slogan “It’s not delivery, it’s Delisio.” Frozen Pizza Dinner began as part of Kraft His Foods, which was founded by Ontario-born James Kraft in 2010, but Kraft sold the rights to Frozen Pizza to Nestlé for his US$3.7 billion.

Kraft was headquartered in Canada at the time and had 13 food processing plants and bakeries. On January 5, 2010, news releaseNestlé said Delissio is “Canada’s leading frozen pizza brand” with estimated 2009 sales of US$2.1 billion in Canada and the United States.

Delisio, marketed as DiGiorno in the US. introduced There are various flavors such as garlic bread pizza, “croissant crust pizza”, crust pizza, and crispy bread pizza.