Lebanese woman goes home to find her stuff on a U-Hall truck

March 17-A Lebanese woman went shopping on March 10 and when she returned she found a U-Haul truck with luggage parked on a driveway, police reported.

Janny Simmons called police and found three Anderson men clashing at a woman’s house around 8 pm, according to a probable cause affidavit. The trio came with crowbars and bolt cutters, and all armed police wore gloves when they encountered them, Boon County Sheriffs Nicholas Zlanski and Chris Ridgeway reported.

Deputy Tyler Moriarty had already investigated the robbery that occurred earlier in the week in a remote house in Simmons, north of Lebanon. Small and successful thieves often come back in search of more merchandise, Zuranski wrote in his report on the second thief.

According to court records, Ridgeway heard the rugged noise in the house and found Dustin Rusher, 37.

According to police, Tyler Lowers, 37, and William Keets, 42, said they thought Rusher was going to buy a house and helped him clean the house.

According to the affidavit, Simmons found that some of her belongings were scattered and broken, and her mail was in a bag at the front door. According to the affidavit, police searched the trio, found collectable foreign coins owned by Simmons and her father, and found Simmons’ property in the truck.

Others have asked police to drive because Rasher rented a truck and he was only one of three with a valid license, court records show.

Rusher pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle as a customary traffic offender in Madison County in 2014.

Each of the three has been charged in Boone Superior Court I with one robbery, a level 4 felony, and a burglary and a level 6 felony. These are scheduled for a pre-trial hearing in May.

Keets has also been charged with possession of methamphetamine and controlled substances in two Madison County cases.

Lowers was also charged with guilty of criminal intrusion and theft in 2022 and guilty of household batteries in the same county in 2019 in the Madison County case.