Lebanon election results announced, Hezbollah expected to lose majority

Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam Mawlaw announced most of the official results of the parliamentary elections on Monday (May 16). This is the first time after an economic collapse and a large port explosion shook the capital.

Mawlawi has announced winners in 12 of the 15 constituencies, with the remaining results expected on Tuesday (May 17th).

Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah and its allies are likely to lose a majority in Lebanon’s parliament after Sunday’s elections, three sources allied with the group said on Monday, a heavy reflection of anger at the ruling party. He said it had a great impact on the armed groups.

According to official results, among the notable losses, Hezbollah’s top ally and parliamentary vice-chairman, Erie Felsli, 72, lost a seat in the Christian Orthodox Church in West Becker.

Felsli was defeated by a candidate backed by established Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, but Jumblatt’s list also lost a Sunni seat to independent candidate Yasin Yasin.

“After two and a half years of direct confrontation with the unjust government on the streets, we finally started our journey to change in Lebanon. This is a national celebration!” Yasin told Reuters.

Sunday’s elections also brought cross-denominational victories to the Lebanese Forces (LF) Christian Party in Saudi Arabia and reform-minded newcomers.

However, their breakthrough could divide Congress into several camps and polarize it more sharply between Hezbollah’s allies and adversaries, the latter not currently integrated into a single block. ..

The impasse is the reforms needed to unleash support from the International Monetary Fund to ease the economic crisis in Lebanon, delay the speaker, the prime minister forming the cabinet, and the major parliamentary decisions on the new president later this year. It can be crazy.

The next parliament must elect a chairman, appoint a prime minister to form a cabinet, and then elect a president to replace Aoun, whose term ends on October 31st.