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The White Evangelical Non-Christian Attack Against Raphael Warnock’s Attack Says It All

Elijah Nouvelage / Getty Calls the ongoing attack of white religious rights on Rev. Raphael Warnock simply non-Christian from the moment he begins his successful bid to become the first black US Senator from Georgia. Is philanthropic. More recently, Georgia Baptist Donald Trump’s royalist Doug Collins, who once claimed Warnock’s position as a “pro-choice minister,” accused Senators of blaming Georgia’s new voting restrictions, but racism. The law itself was criticized. In response to MLB’s decision to move the All-Star game from the state, Warnock shouted that he “spread a lie” about the law. A tweet that was deleted from Warnock’s account just a week ago. “The meaning of Easter is more transcendental than the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through our commitment to help others, whether you are a Christian or not, we can save ourselves. Self “Eastern heretics” and “actual heretics”. The indictment was led by Jenna Ellis, a lawyer in Trump’s unsuccessful coup and a proponent of the lie of the birth of racist Kamala Harris. In addition to naming Warnock a “maverick,” Ellis revealed the true ideological truth underlying the attack on Senator Georgia. “He should remove the minister in front of his name,” Ellis tweeted about Warnock, a PhD graduate of Columbia University’s Theological Seminary. “People who do not know Jesus pretend he is a gentle philanthropist … If Warnock’s Church is truly biblical and Christian, he is not a minister. His theology and practice contradict the Bible. She is a gun enthusiast who compared Senator’s beliefs with a kind of “moral of social justice,” “Jesus is not a savior, but a” liberator, “not from sin.” Supported by Christian podcaster Ally Beth Stucky. “System” … Jesus / Christianity is a means for the purposes of their political and social activists, and they like to classify it as “helping others” (they usually mean government). Program). The church that Ellis dismisses as not pious enough is Atlanta’s Eveniser Baptist, one of the oldest black churches in the country, and former Palpit of Martin Luther King Jr. Outlawing the black vote is a divine task, and “All Lives Matter” is a Christian refusal to the black man’s claim, and of course, the comfort and indifference of whites. I believe that I am selectively quoting MLK. Although an idyllic heir to MLK, the Black Church is heavily written and has the theology that arises from it. These attacks permeate the current state of white supremacist capitalism and are at the heart of the fundamental conflict between American white supremacist Christianity, which is deeply protected. In his book White Supremacism: The Legacy of White Supremacism in American Christianity, Robert P. Jones demonstrated the fundamental centrality of white supremacism and promoted the development of white American Christianity. I’m following. To the early Caucasian Christian church. He emphasizes the division of both Northern and Southern Methodists and Baptists in 1845 over the issue of black enslavement. Native genocide of white settlers in this country. Beyond denominations, these American churches, including those that oppose slavery, supported the gospel of white supremacism and black subordination. “As America’s dominant cultural power,” Jones wrote, the White Christian Church “was responsible for construction and maintenance. A project to protect white supremacy and resist black equality. This project is It constitutes the entire American story. The theological core of American Christianity is rigorously constructed by an interest in protecting white supremacy … not only among the Southern Evangelicals, but also ” White supremacists are the political quasi-religious heirs of the avant-garde church, “said Joseph Derby, senior pastor of the Nichols Chapel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and president of the city’s NAACP. “The Southern Church of the Avant-Garde lives a hard-working life on them who said that slavery is moral because they taught blacks about Jesus and Guy. You call yourself a Christian who owns humans. There were people. How do you justify it? Well, “They are not people like us. They are another kind of person and can be a dangerous kind of person. You need to be careful because there is, “justify it. Therefore, racism has been cultivated that greatly drives white evangelical Christianity. White slaves not only imposed Christianity on those in captivity, but also raised the Bible as evidence that black enslavement was sacred. Countering this white Christian theology of black corruption was the Black Church, which Henry Louis Gates began to describe as “the power of redemption to draw a line from hypocrisy at the heart of bondage.” And by remodeling the distorted gospel they were given, “human dignity, earth and heavenly freedom, and the religion practiced in the Black Church and its hugs act as an engine to drive social change. In the United States, which built Christianity to provide the love of sisters and brothers, through various stages of the battle with Jim Crow, from the abolition of the front bell to the Black Lives Matter in this century. Until Gates writes. In his book The Divided Mind of the Black Church, Warnock wrote, “The Black Church was born fighting for freedom, and freedom is certainly the only reason.” Not in the black church. Most black churches were born as a way for black excellence, black identity, for blacks to worship freely, work freely, and build on the methods preached by some farm preachers. ” Said Rev. Derby to me. “Even though people wanted to preach that they were blessed by the’forever great’, they went to the book of Exodus and the story of Moses, which James Korn said,” Theology of Liberation. ” I laid the foundation for what I called. God stands most closely with the oppressed, and God is actively working to free the oppressed. If we love God, we must do the same. It is woven into the black church. There is a rugged individualist rejection and there is a feeling that we all have to make sure that everything is okay. And if that means fighting for justice, justice and justice, you have to do it. Warnock is Korn’s mentee, who describes black theology as “new and self-conscious.” A sophisticated apology for the belief formed by defending the form of God’s story, the trajectory of slavery and black theology, is against the sins of a presumed Christian and racist country. I continue to testify. The attitude of its founder. According to a 2018 survey by the Institute of Public Religions, most white Christians (53% of white evangelicals, 52% of white Catholics, 51% of white mainline protestants) were “black and white. The socio-economic disparity between Americans is an effort by black Americans. ‚ÄĚThese groups also support the ban on Christian travel and believe that the recent killing of black men is an isolated event. Most likely. White evangelical Protestants were the only group to say that the United States “is almost negative to become a majority non-white nation in the future.” This is at the heart of the difference between Warnock’s belief and the white evangelical belief that criticizes and questions religious legitimacy. Of the black theology he supports. They embrace a fundamentally selfish religious ideology, which actively opposes political change to ensure the maintenance of white supremacy, even when pretending to be apolitic. doing. It casts Christianity, which demands economic, racial, and social equality as religiously non-Americans, perhaps identifying a continuous anti-black and capitalist device that motivates their own beliefs. I am not consciously aware of what I am doing. When they try to hurt the black Jesus, the church as a “gentle-speaking philanthropist” and a “liberator,” “in almost all American history, Jesus recalled by most white congregations is the status quo. He was not simply indifferent to his racial inequality. He demanded its defense and preservation as part of the sacred natural order. “The MLK they refused to quote in 1963. In a letter from Balmingham Prison, he wrote: While Derby promotes a version of Christianity that harms the most vulnerable people and not only protects them but also justifies them, “One of my seminary professors makes a lot of sense. I said that. ” “The Church Fathers who shaped our notion of sin were old men who could no longer participate in the sin of the flesh, so they tend to emphasize the sin of the flesh over the sin of the spirit, he said. So they were the worst sins, but they weren’t invested much in the morality of how we treat other people, “Derby added. What about that part of loving your neighbor as yourself? Where is the part that says “you need to own an AR-15 so you can shoot when you need it”? It is a kind of selfish religion wrapped in politics, about God and guns. They must be politically correct and they are politically correct arbitrators. It’s a way you can ask questions about Barack Obama’s faith, but you can make Donald Trump almost your savior. It is evangelical Christianity. Read more at The Daily Beast. Put our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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