Left Green Party to make five demands if it wins Balance of Power in state elections

The left-wing Australian Green Party has identified five demands or priorities if it wants to maintain the balance of power if the Victorian Labor government fails to win enough seats to form a majority government in the next election. I’m here.

This follows Prime Minister Daniel Andrews’ announcement that he ruled out dealing with Greens and independent lawmakers amid hung parliamentary concerns.

“This has been my position for 12 years…no deal will be offered or executed,” Andrews told ABC News Breakfast on November 14.

according to statement The Greens said their priorities include banning land and sea gas exploration and production, limiting rent increases, reforming state honesty and anti-corruption bills, and raising the age of criminal responsibility to 14. , including a statewide logging ban in 2023.

According to polls Herald Sun According to the newspaper, the Victorian Labor Party is facing major challenges at the polling stations and may be struggling to fill 45 of the 88 seats needed to form a majority government.

If this happens, the Greens can maintain the balance of power and force the current Prime Minister Andrews to form a coalition in alliance with the Greens.

For parliament to hang, Labor would have to lose 11 of its current 55 seats.

The Green Party is confident in voter support

Victorian Green Party leader Samantha Ratnam said Victoria could be headed for a “historic state election”.

“It’s clear that more and more Victorians want to move away from the main political parties and vote for the Greens this year,” Ratnam said.

“This is because they are fed up with the two-party system and want a strong, progressive cross-bench that can hold the next government accountable.

“If Labor is unable to form a majority government in Parliament’s next term, it will need to work with the Greens to ensure progressive reform.”

The Greens are targeting voters in Melbourne’s Albert Park and Pascoe Vale, which are now Labor seats.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Greens have strong votes in three seats in downtown Melbourne, Prahran and Brunswick (ABC).

The state’s centre-right Liberal Party also supported the Greens ahead of Labor for the first time.

‘We can definitely win,’ say the liberals

A Herald Sun poll projects a tie between the Labor and opposition Liberal primaries at 38%, but after the tide of preference, Labor’s polls are ahead of the Liberals, leaving Prime Minister Andrews in the lead. It also hints at the possibility of winning a third term. 53.5 vs 46.5 percent.

“Now all the polls say our major votes are as good or better than the government,” said Victorian Liberal Party leader Matthew Guy. 3AW wireless.

“I’m kinda written [off] But here we are in a position to absolutely win.

“If people want to invest in it, we’ll take their vote on trust and supply issues, but I’m not going to do any backroom deals.”

Meanwhile, opposition leader and former Chief of Staff Mitch Catlin was removed from the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) to the Independent Regional Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) on 17 November for alleged evasion of the Contributions Disclosure Act. entrusted.

Catlin allegedly solicited more than $100,000 (US$67,000) from political party donors this year in payments to his private marketing business, according to the VEC. Guy claims he and the Victorian Liberal Party are fully cooperating with his VEC.

Labor showed a 10 to 33.9% drop in the primary vote compared to the previous election in 2018, according to a Herald Sun poll that recorded 1,189 preferences by research firm RedBridge.

The Liberal National Party primaries are also lower than in the 2018 election, but have recently climbed to 33.4% as support for the National Party soars.

The Greens are reported to have 12.3% of the primary vote, while undecided voters are expected to make up 10.4%.

Another 10% of voters say they prefer independent or minor parties. The list of registered political parties is VEC website.

Victoria’s elections will take place on Saturday 26th November.

Henry Jom


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