Legal agency urges Ontario to revoke “unconstitutional” vaccine passport obligations

Legal organizations have called on the Ontario government to revoke their vaccination passport obligations, citing “deep concerns” about the legitimacy of the bill.

The Judiciary Center for Constitutional Freedom wrote a letter (pdf) On September 22, demanded the government to withdraw the mandate, necessary Ontarians over the age of 12 showing evidence of two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to access various public facilities such as restaurants, bars, gyms, music venues, theaters and conference spaces. This system came into effect on September 22nd.

“Vaccine passports have been hailed as an effective tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep Ontarians safe. Lack of evidence suggesting that current vaccines do not interfere with virus capture or infection. In addition, the new law does not provide for the existence of natural immunity among people previously exposed to COVID-19, “the letter read.

“Therefore, the new law seems to be about forcing Canadians to be vaccinated by limiting their freedom, rather than creating a virus-free space.”

so news release, The judiciary will take legal action if it does not withdraw “unconstitutional discrimination” against those who choose not to vaccinate due to personal medical conditions, religious beliefs, or various other reasons. He said he had notified the government.

According to this release, the Legal Support Center has received hundreds of emails from residents concerned about losing their jobs, their right to worship, and their participation in society.

“The new mission has the effect of isolating individuals, especially toddlers, from mainstream society. Mandatory systems that deny Canadians access to certain services arbitrarily defined by the government as unnecessary. Create a slippery slope and set a dangerous descent for the medical dictatorship.

“If we do not put an end to these measures, we will give the government unlimited power to determine the medical care we receive, the medicines we take, and the privileges that should be our basic rights. . “She added.

The Judiciary Center said the vaccine passport was a “violation of Canadians’ constitutionally protected rights” to freedom of conscience, freedom and security, and equality.

“Section 7 of the Charter guarantees a person’s right to freedom and security. Ontarians must not be forced or pressured by the government to submit to medical interventions they disagree with. Hmm. Informed outlets and the right to physical independence are two principles that our law has long protected, “Horgepineda, a staff lawyer at the Judicial Center, said in a news release.

The Justice Center said the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine approved by Health Canada is still below. Clinical trial, Some will not be completed until 2023 and are therefore experimental and have no long-term safety profile.

Ontario Ministry of Health Two medical exemptions Vaccine passports are recognizable. One is for people who are allergic to the components of the vaccine as verified by an allergist, and the other is for people who have experienced myocarditis or pericarditis after the first dose of the vaccine.

The Legal Support Center did not have any religious or creed-based exemptions that stated it was protected by both the Charter and human rights law.

“Every Canadian has physical autonomy and the right to decide which medical procedure to accept or refuse,” the Justice Center wrote in a news release.

Andrew Chen


Andrew is a Toronto-based reporter.