Legalization of abortion in South Australia comes into effect

In South Australia (SA), new regulations will be introduced starting July 7, allowing women to have an abortion up to 22 weeks and 6 days of gestation for no reason.

The law will come into effect after the abortion was legalized in the state by the former government in early 2021 through the Abortion Act, which removed abortion from the criminal legislation and put it under the Health Act.

Not only does it not require a reason for abortion if the gestation period does not exceed 22 weeks and 6 days, but the law only requires consultation with one practitioner up to the same stage.

After that stage of pregnancy, the woman needs to consult two practitioners. Both practitioners need to agree on an abortion situation.

The law also allows telemedicine prescriptions and abolishes the requirement to perform procedures in hospitals for early medical abortion.

Health Minister Chris Picton said in a Thursday announcement that the SA Congress voted for the new bill in March 2021, accusing the previous administration of filling the regulation and explaining to the community why it did not proceed. There wasn’t.

“The previous administration has mysteriously stalled these regulations in favor of a year of legislation,” he said.

“We have promoted these regulations to achieve what Congress has voted for.”

The Epoch Times contacted opposition leaders, but did not respond.

Abortion laws in other Australian states and territories

New South Australian legislation makes the state consistent with the majority of other Australian states and territories.

Amendments to the abortion law in Queensland 2018 and New South Wales 2019 no longer prosecute women for raising abortions. As long as informed consent is given, doctors can also process women within the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Similarly, after the 22-week gestation period, the two practitioners must agree that there is a good reason for retirement.

The law is similar in Victoria, Northern Territory, and Western Australia, but the stage of pregnancy that requires consultation with only one practitioner is 24 weeks in the first two jurisdictions and 20 in Western Australia. It’s a week.

In Tasmania, on the other hand, you only need to consult one practitioner until the 16th week. After 16 weeks, the two practitioners must agree that there is a good reason for the abortion.

Information on new South Australian laws and regulations has been sent to GPs and pharmacists, so they will be up to date when the regulations come into force on July 7.

Steve Milne


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