Legault warns that the new Liberal Party and Ndp alliance will cause conflict with the state

Quebec’s Prime Minister Fran├žois Legor has warned that a new alliance between the Liberal Party and the NDP will create a conflict with the state, especially over medical care.

Lego’s comment to reporters on Wednesday was in response to an agreement announced this week that the NDP would support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s minority government until 2025.

In exchange for NDP support, the Liberal Party has agreed to work with the party on several priorities, including dental programs for low-income Canadians and national pharmacies.

However, Legault states that both of these potential programs are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the state, adding that the Liberal Party and the NDP are “very centralized” parties.

He said the liberal-NDP alliance would “hit the wall” when trying to teach Quebec how to use federal medical transfer, and Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford should try to get Ottawa involved in the state’s jurisdiction. He added that he agreed with him. As healthcare.

The Premier of Quebec has warned the Federal Chancellor that he should expect a “very strong common front” to thwart attempts to erode the state’s power.

“Sorry, the federal government doesn’t have the jurisdiction to say how much money we put into long-term care and how much we put into mental health,” says Lego. I did.

Sonia Rubel, Quebec’s Minister for Canada Relations, told reporters that the federal government is obliged to send money to the state for medical care and the money should not be tied. She said Quebec would not agree to erode its power in exchange for money.

“Quebec is not for sale,” LeBel said.

Canadian press