Legault’s CAQ wins majority again in Quebec

MONTREAL—The Coalition Avenir-Québec (CAQ), led by Prime Minister François Legault, is expected to win another majority as Quebec citizens turned to the polls on Monday.

At 9pm local time, CAQ had won or led around 90 rides. Before the election, the party occupied 76 of his 125 seats in parliament.

CAQ now holds nearly 50% of the popular vote, with four other major parties splitting the remaining 50% more or less evenly.

Dominic Anglade’s Liberal Party (PLQ), the official opposition party before the dissolution, was not doing well early in the evening. The PLQ used to have him with 27 seats, but now he leads or wins with 20 appearances. However, the party still appears poised to remain the official opposition, with the closest party behind it being Quebec Solidaire (QS), which has won or led in 11 elections.

The QS, the far left of the major parties, had 10 seats in the House of Commons before the election was called.

The separatist Quebec Party (PQ) has about 15% of the popular vote as of 9 p.m., but has only led or won two elections. The party had seven seats in parliament at the time of its dissolution.

The Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), led by radio personality Eric Duhaim, won about 12% of the popular vote but did not lead in any elections. The Tea Party appears as runner-up in multiple horseback ridings held in central Quebec. Duhaime himself leads by more than 900 votes on Chauveau riding.

PCQ used to have one MNA, but that was the result of the departure of CAQ members.


Legos campaign slogan is “Continuons”, which means to keep doing what his party was doing.

His platform has many promises to ease the burden on hospitals, especially “hospitalization at home” When create A private health facility that is managed by the private sector but provides state-covered care.

To mitigate the effects of economic and inflation, Lego promised Starting from 2023, the tax rate for the first two tax brackets will be reduced by 1%.

As part of an inflationary “shield,” Lego also pledged to increase financial assets. support to the elderly, and announced in late August that his government would send check By the end of the year for individuals earning less than $100,000 a year.

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Noe Chartier


Noé Chartier is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Montreal. Twitter: @NChartierET Gettr: @nchartieret