Legendary NFL quarterback Eli Manning disguises himself as he tries his hand at Penn State secrets in a hilarious bit

Eli Manning as Chad Powers.

Eli Manning as “Chad Powers”.Twitter/ESPN

  • Eli Manning went undercover as “Chad Powers” and tried out for the Penn State college football team.

  • He wore a wig, a fake mustache, and prosthetics for skits.

  • “You can throw me, baby!” he said at a test drive event.

Eli Manning is The latest episode of his ESPN+ show “Eli’s Places” when he goes undercover to try out for the college football team.

Using the nickname “Chad Powers,” the legendary NFL quarterback donned a wig, fake mustache, and prosthetic leg for a tryout at Penn State University.

Head coach James Franklin joked that Nittany Lions hopefuls remained unaware of Powers’ identity, believing him to be a “homeschooling” prospect in Pennsylvania.

Manning’s 40-yard dash time of 5.49 seconds didn’t attract much attention, but things changed when he picked up a pigskin and easily sprayed it all over the training field.

“It’s not just about looking good,” Manning said in the skit. “You can throw me, baby!”

After playing college football for the Ole Miss, Manning joined the New York Giants and spent his entire NFL career.

During his time with the Big Blue, Manning won two Super Bowls, two Super Bowl MVP awards, and set multiple team records, including throwing more complete games (4,895) than any other player in Giants history. I was. He retired in 2019.

Sadly, Manning will never return to the field at Penn State.

At the end of the skit, Coach Franklin revealed that Powers didn’t make the team because his numbers weren’t good enough, and that he was ineligible because he was actually Manning.

“I’m so grateful to be working with all of you today,” Manning said, watching the team in shock.

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