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Italy has been in a stagnation stage for over 20 years. Despite the apparent need for serious economic and structural reforms, the country has been prevented from enacting them for several reasons, but there are particular obstacles to it: the spirit of the leopard.

This idea is beautifully encapsulated in Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s novel “Il Gatpardo” (wildcat). Published after death, this work depicts the decadence of Sicilian aristocrats as the various states of the Italian Peninsula were united into one country (Resorgimento). Leopard after his family crest “).

Seeing the social and political turmoil of the time as a threat to his class hegemony, Don Fabrizio pretends to support the introduction of a new regime to maintain the power and privileges of the aristocrats.

His nephew Tancredi tells him:

Therefore, the changes are paradoxically implemented, provided that everything remains the same, and nothing should be changed. In other words, self-interest.

The re-election of Sergio Mattarella’s Italian Parliamentarian to the second president on January 29 confirms that the leopard’s spirit is alive and well.

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Italy’s re-elected 13th President Sergio Mattarella arrived to attend the official ceremony at the Quirinale Palace after an oath ceremony in the Roman Parliament on February 3, 2022. His successor, and the threat of a sudden election, raised his head, and Mattarella finally agreed on January 29 for the second term. (Guglielmo Mangiapane / POOL / AFP via Getty Images)

Mattarella, 80, former Communist Partito Democratico (PD) repeatedly said he didn’t want to serve his second seven-year term, but was reelected against his will.

As Nicholas Farrell I have written Spectators have re-elected Mattarella to avoid sudden elections.

Two candidates have appeared. Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and current Prime Minister Mario Draghi (former European Central Bank Governor, former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, Chief Executive Officer of “Qualitative Relaxation”).

Berlusconi seemed likely to collect enough votes to win, but he withdrew his candidacy for unknown reasons.

When it comes to Draghi, he’s not even an elected politician. He was appointed prime minister by Mattarella last February and will lead an emergency government for national unity after Congress was unable to find a prime minister in that class.

Farrell reports that Draghi was a favorite in polls to become second-placed President Berlusconi before the vote began. But at the event, he got only a handful of votes in each vote.

Parliamentarians didn’t vote for him because the only way to stop the sudden elections they were afraid of was to keep him as prime minister. If he were to become president, Congress would not be able to find a new prime minister and would have to go to the people.

Today, most senators and lawmakers absolutely want to avoid voters. Above all, it is for the sake of losing power, that is, for self-interest.

The five-star party on the left and left has the largest number of members of parliament, but is dominated by division. That support plummeted from 33% of votes in the 2018 general election to about 15% in polls. About 20% of polls have no way to form a government, so they want to avoid plague-like elections, as PD does.

On the right, it’s even more interesting. Federalist Lega (born from a Separatist party in the Northern League) also has about 20 percent support. Berlusconi’s Forza Italia is about 9 percent.

Leading the poll with about 22% support is Giorgia Meloni’s party, Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy). Along with Lega and Forza Italia, it will have enough support to form a government. However, the latter two are part of Draghi’s national unity government (that is, a dictatorship for all intents and purposes).

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Giorgia Meloni, head of the Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) party, waved off stage at a unified rally for the League, Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia parties to protest the Piazza government. .. July 4, 2020, Del Popolo, Rome, Italy. (Tiziana Fabi / AFP via Getty Images)

Indeed, Fratelli d’Italia is the only major party to refuse to join the Draghi government for reasonable reasons, given its unelected status. And it was the only major party to vote against Mattarella. Indeed, Meloni had an agreement not to vote for Mattarella from Lega and Forza Italia. Still they betrayed her.

In addition, Fratelli d’Italia is also the only party to oppose Draghi’s brutal vaccine passport regime, one of Europe’s toughest. for Over 50s.

Fratelli d’Italia has appeared in the mainstream media as an “alt-right” or “post-fascist” party.

Some of its members are from the old Movimento Sociale Italiano, but the party was formed from the ashes of Mussolini’s fascists. Meloni has been declared to admire Anglo-American conservatism and therefore individual freedom. She is also the President of the Conservative Reform Group of the European Parliament.

Write to Il Giornale In January 2021, Meloni declared her intention to promote the appearance of British writer Sir Roger Scruton as one of the pillars of European conservatism, especially among young people. ..

Scruton’s most notable publications are “The Meaning of Conservatism” (1980) and “How to Become a Conservative” (2014).

Scruton helped form an underground network of dissident scholars in the former eastern Soviet block.

Social conservative Meloni was Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, especially National Conservatism Conference In Rome in February 2020.

As Meloni mentioned in the same article:

“In my opinion, the greatest cultural heritage that Scruton has given us is, according to him, explaining the deep reasons for his love for both the small and the big, both worth preserving. In his view, the struggle for the highest social and political conquests, such as the protection of the traditions of small communities and the freedom of those conquered by York in the Soviet Union, is also his extraordinary ability to explain. He explained to us that conservativeism stems from the belief that good things are easy to destroy, but not easy to make. “

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The general view is that the Parliament at the beginning of the third round will vote for the new President of Italy in the Roman Parliament in Italy on January 26, 2022. (Alberto Pizzoli / Pool / AFP via Getty Images)

Now Meloni has transformed the party, inspired by conservative values, especially personal freedom. The biggest obstacle to becoming prime minister is the idea of ​​a leopard.

This idea of ​​self-interest approves the prohibition of non-vaccination. The spirit of such a herd is not only a mana from heaven for a dictator like Draghi, but also a deadly threat to freedom.

It is a typical understatement to say that Italy has a bloated problem of bureaucracy and public debt. Meloni, as Prime Minister, also undoubtedly calls for economic reforms in line with Reagan’s policies and a reduction in the size of the government.

That idea is enough to make the elite terrified and catatonic. Meloni is a threat to their hegemony. Like Don Fabrizio, they do everything to maintain their power and privilege.

The current parliamentary term is expected to end by June 1, 2023. After Mattarella’s election, Meloni declared that her party’s decision not to vote for him would be rewarded at the expense of everyone else who voted for this Insiusio (upstitch).

For Italy, I hope she is right.

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Rocco Roiacono


Rocco Loiacono is a senior lecturer and translator from Italian to English at Curtin University Law School in Perth, Australia. His work on translation, linguistics, and law is widely published in peer-reviewed journals.

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