Letters threatening to euthanize outdoor cats arm Missouri’s neighborhood

Police are investigating after a Missouri man said his neighborhood was littered with letters threatening to euthanize an outdoor cat.

Charlie Brown, who lives in Joplin, shared a letter on Facebook on Monday and someone Distributed the letter Early that morning.

“At 4:30 this morning, our entire neighborhood was filled with these notifications by this person,” the post said.

Images taken by the surveillance device appear to show a woman holding a stack of paper in her hand.

The letter argues that residents who keep cats as pets “should respect their neighbors by keeping their pet cats on their property where they live.”

In addition, cat owners “pay the city a fine and re-release the cat to the neighborhood”, preventing “stray cats” from being taken to the Joplin Human Society.

Instead, the letter says that the cat will be euthanized. It also includes what appears to be the Joplin City’s legitimate ordinance on cat ownership.

Police confirmed to the press that they were investigating the case.

“For this problem Several people involved And I want to remind the public that there is an appropriate route to report such issues to police and animal care, “Captain William Davis told KOAM.

He reflected his feelings on KSN and added: Distribution of posters Thus, door-to-door canvassing to create these threats is not a solution to the problem. “

According to Brown, Monday’s incident is not the first time an outdoor cat has been threatened.

A month ago, he claimed that the woman started killing cats and said she “goed back and forth”.

He also believes his cat was euthanized.

“Two cats that have been here for the last eight years have disappeared,” he told KSN. “Looking at the letter this morning, I know where they are now. They are dead. They have been killed.”

According to the outlet, the community is rewarding $ 2,500 for anyone with information that could lead to their capture.

Anyone with information will be asked to contact the Joplin police at 417-623-3131, KOAM reported.

Joplin is located in southwestern Missouri, about 100 miles south of Kansas City.

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